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  1. That sounds great. I have a lot to read. For that price I could get a good lens too.
  2. I was considering it. It's 2500 now, and I would only need to get some batteries and cards. I love the form factor and the video look. But the A7s is a lot better in low light and it can output 4k video. I'll do some research about the G7 tomorrow. I have to admit that it's not under my radar. I've read a lot about the GH4 though. I deffinitely need some better glass too.
  3. Two votes for the G7. I have to watch some videos about it because I don't know much to be honest.
  4. I hate those zooms! But for taking quick pictures with the T2i they are practical. My plan B was to buy a set of Cine Rokinons, but I'm not so sure about those. I never used them. Low light is something I will be using a lot. And also I like the Slog on the A7s and the fact that it's full frame.
  5. I know this is one of those topics that people hate. But I need to ask. It's not very often that people I know go to NY and are willing to bring me a camera. This is huge because customs in my country prevent me from buying things over 200 dollars without paying a small fortune. I have a T2i and I feel that I need an upgrade. I used it a lot and still love it, but I want to start shooting bigger projects (shortfilms, videoclips and planning an indie feature). I think that for 2600 dollars I can buy a new A7s with batteries, a cage, ND filters and SD cards. My question would be: is it a good move to buy a camera that was released 2 years ago and already has a mkII version? Can you recommend other options suitable for my shooting needs (shortfilms, videoclips, indie feature), fully rigged under 3 thousand dollars? Note: 4k is not priority right now. (I could buy a 4k recorder next year for this camera). renting is an option, but I prefer to have my camera because of many reasons. I don't have any expensive lenses. I have two kit Canon zooms, some vintage Oly OM, and the Mir 1B, Helios 44-2 and Jupiter 9. Thank you
  6. I don't understand something though. Will the ISO response be similar to the one on the A7s?
  7. Great discussion, thanks to everyone for the insightful contributions. I still haven't made up my mind, but there are great arguments on this thread. Thank you
  8. I made a quicklist with the prices. https://drive.google...dit?usp=sharing
  9. Out of curiosity I made an ultra quick search for prices. In case anyone is interested, here's the chart. Please be aware that this can't be trusted blindly because I'm far from expert. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BweFGmvEN2CvRGZkYmFJVy1BOWc/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I really value your advice, it makes complete sense. You are right about investing the money in what's needed the most. Renting is out of the question, here the prices are too high. I really like what I see about the BMPCC, Andrew's review was very good. I think I will probably get it, but I will wait, priorities will fall into place with time. Thank you very much for your insights. Cheers
  11. Hello, This year started with some new 4k consumer cameras releases and 4k projectors, TVs etc. I'm not an expert, but it seems that this 4k thing is not close to become the standard yet. It took years to get 1080p RAW and once that it hit the market, they released the 4k, but it seems rushed. Now, I'm writing a script for a feature, which I'd like to shoot with my own gear. For that I am planning on buying a BMPCC+speedbooster. That is a major upgrade from my T2i. My question is: Is it a bad investment to get the BMPCC now, or is it wiser to wait and see what the market brings in mid 2014? Thank you
  12. I don't hate NFS. With time it went from being my main source of information to be a blog I check weekly to see if there's any original post of my interest. It was the blog I started reading back when I was beginning with DSLR, and it helped me a lot, I learned and I was exposed to many other blogs and websites thanks to them. I think they are a divulgation blog. I don't know if that's the word in english. There is divulgation press in every field; science, arts, politics etc. So it's not a bad thing, far from it. It's very helpful. I do find original posts in their blog from time to time, and when that happens I read them with enthusiasm, but their re-blogged content is usually old news if you follow several blogs. Having said that, I do feel that the comment section is filled with beligerent fanatics who spread their negativity and it's not good for anybody (I have been caught on the negativity whirlwind on ocasions). The authors are too defensive when someone makes a critic and even though they deny it (and I won't put their word in question), most posts about products do feel to be biased and writen in an ad-like form.
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