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  1. It's weird that many people add artificial grain to their footage to make it look good. But them, I'm a film shooter. I'm biased.
  2. Thanks Andrew. I share the same notion as you. I hope someone from nofilmschool.com could share their side of the story. Benefit of the doubt is still up for grabs. I was feeling down that my Internet went awol during the Black Friday fiasco but after hearing your story, I'm rather delighted. I would've been miffed. I still remember back in the days when my mailboxes were raped with flyers, brochures and the whole nine yards from businesses wanting a slice of my salary. Old school RSS feeds, if you may. Beleaguered to death I was. Sad to see that translated into the interwebs. Sleazy and cheap. Playing the devil's advocate, I kinda understand the need to kiss ass ever so often. I should know, I ran an online forum for the local filmmaking community. It never took off unfortunately but I reckon the experience was more or less the same. Its just that nowadays, the kiss ass-ery happens at the expense of the readers/users. And I believe the majority of us share the same conviction when it comes to being used. I stopped being a human billboard for apparel companies a long time ago.
  3. I second the fact that genuine conversations/debates are unicorns on the Internet. Like I wrote, nofilmschool is a really beneficial website for filmmakers in general. But there's no denying the blatant unwarranted moderation of user opinions especially on the posts that I've linked in my original post. Regarding Shane Hurlbut, the man is full of knowledge and his contributions in his discombobulated website is extremely helpful. Naturally, there are people who disagree with his opinions and thats perfectly fine as long as they don't gravitate towards personal attacks. As for the comments on the Shane Hurlbut posts, they were civil and non-threatening. A few lads didn't like Shane's choice of cameras and they voiced their opinions. That's it, plain and simple. Why should the comment section be closed for that? And yes there was a person who shared how Shane treats his crew members, albeit what he said wasn't positive (in the context of how Shane treated his crew members), there was nothing wrong with what he said. After what happened on the sets of Terminator Salvation, there were people expressing their displeasure in Shane's treatment of crew members. Whether that is true or false is up for discussion. I do agree it slightly out of place to disclose that in the comment section but still the man should be allowed to voice his opinions. But what stood out to be was the deletion of a user's comment who simply asked why the comment section was closed. What's up with that, is asking a question against nofilmschool.com's site policies?
  4. Hey eoshd. Long time lurker here. I just want to say/share something regarding the comment moderation that is happening in nofilmschool.com. To clarify, I don't mean any hate to nofilmschool; as a matter of fact, I've been tuning in to them for years now. Recently, nofilmschool.com published a post regarding Shane Hurlbut's camera test putting the Alexa against the C500. There were a few users expressing their opinions in a civil manner. Here's the cache. There were also a user who talked about the cinematography of Shane Hurlbut in his recent movies (Need For Speed etc.) compared to his older movies (Terminator, Deadfall etc.). Again, all in a good note. Unfortunately, the comment section was closed soon after that comment was posted. Another asked the reasonning for closing the comment section in a new post by nofilmschool. Their posts were also removed. Here's the cache. Its just weird. I know Andrew had the same issue a while back. Again, no hate for nofilmschool. Its just that as a frequent reader, it amazes me how much they moderate the comments. Healthy conversations should be allowed in my opinion regarding of different opinions. I guess I felt the need to share this with you guys. Thanks.
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