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  1. Joby Gorillapod Focus + Joby BallHead X + Cinetics CineSkates wheels This combinations turns Joby Gorillapod Focus to a excellent and versatile dolly. Joby Gorillapod + Ballhead X are in very good to excellent condition Cinetics CineSkates wheels are almost like new with very little home use. They come with their own pouch for easy transport. They cost 150$ without a pouch if bought online. Price for everything is 145€ shipping included to all EU countries. Payment via PayPal. I can make a private ebay sale on request, price is 160€ with EU shipping
  2. For sale Fujinon 25mm f1.4 CF25B c-mount modified for infinity focus for m4/3 mount. Very good to excellent condition, has only some cosmetic imperfections on the outer lens body, lenses are clean without scratches or other imperfections, focus and aperture rings are fluid. Comes with a front lens cap, a quality c-mount to m4/3 adapter and 40.5mm to 58mm filter step-up ring. Price 100€ + 15€ shipping to all EU. PayPal excepted For a link to ebay Buy Now option just send me a PM. Cheers!
  3. DBen

    GH4 V-Log $99

    I honestly hope that people from Panasonic are reading this. I would gladly pay another 99$ for internal 4K 200Mbit IPB 4:2:2 8bit recording! Together with V-log this combination would be sufficient for 99% of work. Cheers!
  4. That's funny, the same shop... they do have good prices indeed. Now I get it, the tripod needs to fit the Airlines hand luggage, and Ryan Air and other budget Airlines have tough restrictions for their hand luggage. But I don't think they would allow it on board, it can be used to threaten someone and that's a no go. It's best to check with them, call them or send them an e-mail. Maybe just maybe a light carbon fibre tripod could be allowed, with no spikes on the tripods legs feet, just rubber. But honestly I would not even think about putting it in a carry on luggage. Perhaps others can share their experience? As for Triopo, cannot say anything about quality of other triopo tripods, but I have recently bought Triopo MX-1327 ( http://foto-tip.pl/en/statyw-triopo-mx-1351.html ) and for that price it's unmatched by any other tripod, big and strong, but still not too big. Fully extended it does twist using the 502 head with big drag and a 2.8kg rig on top, but when you calculate the height of the ball adapter and the height of the 502 head, it doesn't need to bee fully extended to rech the eye level (I am 179cm). I've compared it with Manfrotto 055XProb and it feels the same in terms of stabillity. If I were you I simply wouldn't bother with a tripod that fits in the carry on luggage. As for the level head,don't know how manfrotto performs, it's more then double the weight and has much less adjustment then sunwayfoto dhy-66i (+5/-5 VS +16/-16 degrees). Also from the looks of it, it doesn't look that it's very easy to adjust...If you really want manfrotto have a look at Manfrotto 436, but it's even bigger and heavier. My sunwayphoto dhy-66i will arrive next monday, and I will test it on Triopo MX-1327 with Manfotto 502 head and a 2.5-3.5kg rig on top. I will share my experience then! I do have to warn you again about reversed controls on the 502 head, if you are familiar with standard position of locking knobs on a video head, the 502 can give you headaches. I do not mind it, but it's something to think about. Happy choosing
  5. Hi! I just have a few pointers that maybe will make your decision a little easier. Concerning the heads: Big difference between Manfrotto 500 and 502 Heads is Pan and Tilt variable drag control that 502 has which makes a huge difference when you need both slow and fast movements. The 500 has fixed Tlt and Pan drag, you have to try it if it works for you. It could be to loose for your gh4 and lens combination. I recommend to go somewhere and try it first. The 502 on the other hand can be adjusted to be completely loose or very stiff but still fluid. The 502 is much bigger and heavier and has controls on the oposite side, which many people hate, maybe you will hate it too, because of that I also recommend to try it first. But in your case, I presume that you will be using a tele lens, so with that in mind I would reccomend the 502 because a small movement on the head is a big movement in the video on the tele end. Concerning the tripod: What you want is a small light tripod that extends a lot, and that's a problem becasue that kind of tripod needs to have a lot of stages (leg extensions) and with every additional leg extension adds to overall instability of the tripod. Also, having a lot of leg extensions is a real hassle, I mean real pain in the ars especially if you have to move quickly to another location and can't move with extended tripod. Another thing, concerning the tripod (foto tripod legs) with many stages and a video head like 502 with Pan drag adjusted to be stiff, there will be a big problem regarding the tripod's Torsional Rigidity ( just google "Tripod Torsional Rigidity" ). When you pan the head in one side, the legs will twist in that direction and when you stop the movement and let go of the handle, the legs will twist again to return to their normal state and you will have a big backlash in your video. Just something you have to bear in mind. I have seen several times people blaiming video heads for the backlash, but actually the legs were to blame. Professional video tripod with a center or a floor spreader minimises that backlash. Also if you are going to buy that small photo tripod to mount a video head on it, I recommend adding a ball adapter (half bowl) because adjusting for the horizon with the legs only is a huge hassle and time consuming. There are several on the market, cheaper ones like sunwayfoto dhy-66i (new revision) are quite good. ( http://foto-tip.pl/en/sunwayfoto-dyh-66i-leveling-base.html ) A light, small, good quality and afordable price tripod is very hard to find, though I have recently bought a Triopo foto legs tripod for 85€ and quality is very good so try to see if something from their range suite you like: Triopo GE-3232X8C ( http://foto-tip.pl/en/statyw-triopo-ge-3232x8c.html ) this is just an example, you can browse to see what other tripods they have, and maybe in your case, depends where you are from, you can probably find them cheaper somewhere else. Triopo is ok for the price, 24 months waranty in the EU and many web shops have it. I would also recommend max 3 stages for a video tripod legs, but you need it to bee quite small when not in use and quite long when extended, and that complicates things. Hope this helps a bit. Cheers
  6. If anyone is interested I'm selling my Tokina AF 28-70 2.6-2.8 AT-X PRO II Nikon mount in great condition. Front and back caps, without Lens Hood. Price for direct sale via PP to forum members 230€ + 20€ shipping everywhere in the EU. Location Croatia. My colleague has another one and I have recently bought the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8. So I don't really need it anymore. What I need is 70/80-200mm Link to bey: http://goo.gl/vhYsH3 Also for sale Fujinon TV CF25B 25mm f1.4 lens + c-mount to m4/3 adapter + 40.5mm to 58mm adap. Link: http://goo.gl/B7OQ61 Cheers to all!
  7. Aaaaah to bad I'm not happy, because I have just made up my mind to shell out 400€ for MustHD 7" thinking that it's actually usable outside with it's sunshade. Didn't want to go really cheap on the monitor, so thought that MustHD 7" should be pretty decent for that price, and usable outdoor, I expected nothing special just to see what I am doing and to see the peaking. But, what about using something like this on the mustHD 7" monitor? This is just an example, just to see what I am aiming at: http://hoodmanusa.com/cgi/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=HRSAL There are various models all over the internet for various sizes of monitors, you just need o find the right one.
  8. Well looking at the Dxomark results, at 19mm Sigma is T1.9. Leica 19mm f2.8 could very well be T2.7 or even lower, I do not know that as a fact, just guessing. So the difference shrinks very quickly. Just a thought, do you have metabone adapter with aperture control? If yes, have you simply tried switching adapters just to see if the adapter is not messing with the aperture pin on the Sigma. Also I would try to photograph or make a video of a something much darker, like a candle on a table with it's surroundings. The difference should be much more obvious then.
  9. ​These adapters should work, and they both control the aperture of the Nikon G type lenses. You cannot go wrong with Novoflex, made in Germany with very high precision, very high quality materials. Fotodiox should be ok, if you can buy it and try it with the option of returning it then why not. But my experience with various low cost adapers is not so good, the problem is with the lenses not reaching infinity or going past infinity, they are usualy too thick or too thin (fraction of a milimeter counts here) and in my experience wide focal lenght lenses require even more high quality precise adapters.
  10. If you want the one of the best then Heliopan Vario-Graufilter. Heliopan Vario-Graufilter type 2099 is thicker with front filter thread and type 2199 is a slim type and thinner without front filter threads. In Europe Helopan 2099 Vario-Graufilter 77mm costs about 200€. Me and my partner are looking to buy a permanent solution for our ND's, and we've done a lot of research on the internet which one to buy. It allways comes down to heliopan. You do not wan't to go cheap on these filters, trust me :) Cheers!
  11. Hi! I have BMCC speedbooter on GH4 and have also found the same problem, but there is a solution, quite simple one :) Just turn ON "Silent Mode" in the menu (wrench and C letter icon menu subsection) and now you can use custom white balance without engaging mechanical shutter. It will only use electronic shutter. By turning on "Silent Mode" , GH4 will not reproduce any sound (shutter included), zero, none, it's dead silent. It will record sound normaly but It won't even reproduce sound when playing back recorded videos, unless you are using headphones! :) Hope this helps. Cheers!
  12. I cannot find the article unfortunately, it was many moths ago that I've read it and I remember it vaguely...maybe I do not recall it 100% corectly What I have found is this article on Imaging Resource: http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2014/06/05/panasonic-executive-interview-part-i-why-no-long-teles-and-depth-from-defoc Just scrool down to the second half of the page where it says "Downsides of on-chp phase-detect, especially for 4K video" They talk about similar thing, compensating for phase detect pixels, perhaps it can be done but requires a lot of processing power and can very likely introduce artifacts. Maybe Olympus can do it, while Panasonic decided not to use it because of the problems that go with it and especially togeather with 4K video.
  13. I honestly doubt that olympus will add 4K video with the firmware option, why? Here is an explanation that I find plausible. Olympus E-M1 has on sensor AF phase-detect and I recall reading an interview with the panasonic top engineering team who designed GH4, and they said that among other reasons why it was not implemented in GH4, on sensor AF phase-detect is not compatible with the sensor readout required for the 4K video capture. Basicaly they said that the AF fase-detect part of the chip requires slower/different readout, and since it ocupies a lot of pixels on the chip, that part of the sensor cannot be read as fast ( or in the same manner) as all of the rest. Maybe it can be done with lots of line skipping, where you can avoid those parts of the sensor occupied with AF fase-detect pixels. I see no problem using this method for 1080p video where you have a lot of data to reconstruct the final video, but 4K video on 16MP sensor leaves very little room for that, if any, also you can forget full sensor readout that both GH4 and A7s have. So unless Olympus created on sensor fase-detect pixels that others cannot, I don't see a way to implement 4K video without some trickering in form of line skipping and maybe upscaling. I'm not an expert so I could be very wrong, and this is only my opinion on the matter. Cheers to everybody!
  14. Simply priorites, wide angle is not something I need very often and do not want to invest serious money into it (and I can't at this moment), but would like to have it for some shots. So I wanted to see if there are good enough options (not great, not excellent) that fit within my budget. I have everything covered from 40mm to 160mm, with good quality glass, this is the range I use the most. I believe there are also others like me that seek low cost options...not everybody can afford the luxury of buying only high quality expensive lenses...we all have priorities.
  15. Thanks for the answers! I was kinda hoping that somebody has experience with the lenses mentioned in the first post. I can see from the recommendations and also from the web that 14mm f2.5 is quite good and a viable choice...not quite wide but with my budget it's ok. Putting a wideangle adapter on this lens is a nice thought and they came quite cheap, but I don't expect great results. Tamron 17mm f3.5 with adaptall2 to nikon is around 160€-200€ , a will look into it! It gives me around 11mm f2.2 with the BMCC speedbooster, which is very very nice...thing that bothers me is that protruding front lens element. It could interfere with the ND. Zuiko 12mm f2 is a great little lens, and I know it's qualities but way over my budget like nikon 10-24. Again regarding Fujinon 12.5mm , edges of the frame are way to soft, but yes 4K does give you a crop but stil...how does it behave at 2.8 with the 4K crop, that I do not know...it seems to me that it is to much work and hassle over modification for something questionable. If someone has a video sample of a Fujinon 12.5mm f1.4 at f2 and f2.8 in 4K I would very much like to see it. I'm looking for something within my budget that has decent sharpness and quality, also at least f2.8 usable aprture for indoor recording (calculated with the speedbooster where applicable), used lenses are welcome...only Panasonic 14mm f2.5 I can find new at a low price. We shall see :)
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