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  1. Sorry my mistake, Kowa bunga just came out as I was playing with the movie words(couldn't resist;) I couldnt be sure which anamurphics you had but I knew there might be some issues, assume its not a problem, maybe you where already planning to get a Cinilux or have one, at least it looks good on the camera, have you got a cinilux or blue star yet? assume the price is rising, but it will fit some others. I really wish the anamorphics could be used with a 35mm on a 1.6x or 50mm on FF, or a 35 on a FF even better, but maybe thats just an expensive dream. Don't forget the Moller Kristof
  2. @Anti12 Interesting video Anti, the bokeh is interesting and kinda what i've been looking to see, not seen so much in the other video, is that pointed oval the result of an oval aperture in the taking lens, no its a nikon 35mm which is interesting as i've wanted to see 35mm lens used with it, not sure what crop factor you have there with it though. Or is the eye shaped oval from the unit, it looks clean but the points on the oval could also explain what I seem to be seeing in other day time stuff, the image seems to be fished, with some weird blur in parts, but aside from that it looks clean enough. @HoffleHash'er Did you have any Hassle fitting your Kawa Bunga anamorphic in there, what Kit lens will you use it with, I presume your planning an Anamorphic
  3. how many of the 18 or so on the list have got the lens? seems like the numbers where inflated, or there's a few extra people working hard on their first video.
  4. Blender continues to add new features, the latest addition could be very usefull for storyboard art. http://filmnosis.com/for-you-short-film-animation-test/
  5. I wonder if there would be a need for a new housing for the FM, one with a non rotating lens arrangement Focus wheel, shorter lighter with rail mount?
  6. Had a feeling it might sway, which is why the lens holder should have some sort of bayonet. Seems to flare quite a bit, even when you where looking at the dog, some stray light causing some artifact, which makes me wonder is it multi-coated.
  7. Rich where did that dropbox image come from, you have an FM unit and your not shouting about it? what gives. ah I get it this is before the FM unit, different setup.
  8. Yeah I caught that aswell, sometimes I like to make a point a short as possible, other times I ramble, I also don't mind teaching, there is actually good business to be had from teaching, sometimes we give it away but the better way is to try to start charging for some lessons, what they say those that can do, the rest teach :) Remember it's not always about what you know, but who..
  9. What about this FF unit, anyone tried it, is quality ok, looks ok in the pics http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOTGA-DP500-Follow-Focus-for-DSLR-15mm-Rod-For-Canon-Nikon-Gear-Ring-Belt-/331174042566?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4d1b82dbc6
  10. Hey Quirky, I wasn't being a troll, I was talking about myself, I stopped looking for Clients a long time ago (though I wish I had a few, but would know how to go about getting them), and just started designing things for myself, I wasted a lot of time with the wrong people, and have spent numerous years honing the skills, though the problem with trying to be a perfectionist with all skills is cutting off & letting go of details no one will even notice. Jack of all trades master of none? I can't be sure, I have a lot of skills in many areas, but am I doing anything really ground breaking? I see more flaws in everything I do than other people would notice, except maybe people who make stuff, but its a personal journey, no one knows the limitations you had when making a particular piece, we all know what we would do to improve thing, or what we would like to introduce next time, I've yet to use a 35mm camera for anything serious, I believe I need a little more gear to iron out some issues, but at some point I will also need to involve others, as I cant make some things without some subjects(people). Do I really want to be good at the biz, I'm not so sure I do, would like to earn some decent cash, to put other ideas into action & have a better range of projects, hopefully one day things will snowball, but at the moment I mostly give everythng away, be that photo's, music, video's or ideas, getting paid for stuff seems to be the hard part.
  11. Looks like an interesting few weeks ahead, hopefully there's more sun where you are, or you can squueeze in a sunny stop over, do you have current favourite of those lenses?
  12. Hi there Cosmio, that sorts out that confusion, you should be recieving your lens quicker than the others due to all the work you put in, do you have any ideas when it will arrive, and which anamorphic will you be using with it.
  13. You can spend years buying gear trying to master your skills but unless your good at the biz & people skills, it will be tough to make a decent living.
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