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  1. Been busy Directing a feature film shot on Arri Alexa Plus XR and Panasonic GH5 . I don't use Sony . This is not me !! I'm based in the UK my production company is busy with feature films.
  2. Panasonic I think you mean not Panavision ,
  3. Canon FD lenses are superb , great glass highly recommend , especially on soeedboosters , they are all manual focus , you cannot autofocus these lenses at all. The primes are great and the zooms are also very good, 24-35mm l series , 35-70mm f4 zoom is steller for the money , 35-105mm 3.5 is also very good!!
  4. This is why I don't shoot v log , you get so tweeked up correcting it back to look just normal , them you apply the grade to get the look you want , now you are massively tweeked up , then just say you need to tweek a single colour on a door or wall and next you are now hugely massive tweeked up and you start to break up the image codec ....so I shoot natural profile always , saturation -5 , contrast -5 , and it all works fine for me that way . I always try get it looking good in camera , don't crush the blacks , and I shoot Pannys warmer at 4000k not 3200k , that helps a lot on the skin tones
  5. Here's my trick with Panny cameras I shoot tungsten at 4000k , never 3200k as it looks too pale on skin , I like warm tones , is shot the whole of the Pandora movie at 4000k for the tungsten ( arri Fresnels) and all the exterior day at 6500k not 5600k , and I've used that for the past 3 years on all panny cameras , it just looks nicer on skin tones , just dial in the kelvin manually , don't use presets at all
  6. Yes this is a no excuse camera , you can make very cinematic movies on Panny Cameras with the right setting , lenses and lighting ....let's all get busy
  7. I was with Panasonic UK on Sunday and they said they ship this week ......
  8. It is his forum to do as he wishes, that's the way it goes .
  9. Zak is another great film maker who uses Panny cameras to make films he delivers to platforms . this is precisely the point I'm making ....these cameras in the right talented hands can make great looking movies , the GH5 takes us all to the next level and gives us an even better image we can use to deliver to Netflix Amazon Prime Hulu etc .
  10. This camera is a serious piece of movie making kit Panasonic have jumped leaps ahead of the competition with the GH5 , you can shoot serious movies to deliver to Netflix and Amazon Prime on this camera with out having to go to an Alexa or Red Epic/Dragon , it puts a lot of cinema camera features into the Gh5 at a superb price
  11. Just been with Nick Dirftwood playing around with a GH5 this morning and the IBIS is very very impressive even just in your hand with no rig ..... I do like this feature a lot especially on a shoulder rig for hand held shots , it does get rid of micro jitter and torn frames which I hate on hand held footage , and the rolling shutter is minimal - this is also great news for panning shots they don't lean over!! At last I can do great pans on a hand held rig. You can also upload your own LUTs into the camera , a very useful feature to have. 10 bit 422 looks superb ,we are getting into Alexa type quality looking footage now , the detail and clean blacks are there . I do think this camera is a game changer for Indy film makers . Panasonic are sending me one to use on the next film I'm about to start shooting, so I will share footage so you can see how good it is .PS on a Panny native lens you can programme in focus points on the rear screen and it will pull focus between those two points very useful feature to have . you can actually programme in 3 focus points in all. We all as indie film makers have to thank Nick Driftwood for working closely with Panasonic to get these great new film making tweeks implemented on the GH5 .
  12. Are they weather sealed like HMI lights as I'm looking for LED lights to replace Arri M18s smaller lighter as powerful and weather sealed for out door use for a job
  13. this camera is a game changer , I was shown the prototype GH5 last June in a meeting with Panasonic and the spec was amazing , ( I have had to keep very quite since then) the GH5 is everything we have all wanted in a Pansonic Camera , now its finally coming out its going to revolutionise Indy Film making like no other camera has . I expect to see this on alot of Indy movies over the next few years , it will be my main camera for movies now.
  14. quite why they are not sending you every camera they release to test is beyond me , 25,000 members and the name of the forum is Canon brand ! how much free advertising do they want.
  15. For me super 35 sensor/apsc at about f2 looks cinematic , the dof is usable yet still shallow enough to have a filmic look , beyond f2 the dof is insanely narrow , at 1.4 pulling focus on a moving person is insane , now go to full frame at say 1.4 its totally unreal look wise micro thin dof and unusable for me . thats just my opinion , there have been movies shot on fullframe canon 5ds like Act of Valor and they were down at 5.6 to try get a usable dof approximating super 35 ....and at 5.6 you are not in the sweet spot of the lens at all for me , I like to shoot fully wide open or one stop down , in that range you can make lenses do magical things ....at 5.6 you can't they loose all the character!!
  16. The g7 may well be doing something like that for its HD , it is very clear in HD , I have stopped using my g6s for HD jobs and now just use the g7 in 1080p avchd 24fps ,
  17. People don't shoot movies full frame, well very few its not the norm , super 35 /apsc is standard all those loveley cinema lenses won't work full frame , plus I really don't like the full frame look on movies , I'm used to guaging all my focal lengths relative to super 35 . So this new camera in apsc is a bonus !
  18. The gx7 has the same sensor as the gh4 , they just limited it to 1080p only no 4k. Its a great little camera cleaner in low light than the g6 .
  19. Everyone will have a serial number so these will be impossible to sell on , hope they catch who did this
  20. That's because the sensor in the G7 is very very good , its not the same sensor that's in the gh4 , its a totally new design sensor and its also amazing in low light very very little visable noise, the g7 is a superb camera I shot a feature film with 6 of them last year.
  21. I shoot both , it depends on the job , my handheld footage is on a shoulder rig and I add lead weights to the back to make it as heavy as possible so no micro gitter -tearing of frames - which I hate , I like smooth hand held not Jason Bourne /Paul Greengrass /Oliver Woods hand held wobble cam which can be a bit much on certain jobs .
  22. We will keep on the lookout and hope it will stop now ....stick to your guns Andrew we all know that review those guys did was flawed and you were right to point this out . it is weird how the spamming has subbenly started ....
  23. andy lee


    The Sigma 30mm 1.4 is as killer lens as sharp as any Zeiss or Panavision Cinema lens , I use this lens a lot outside for night shoots at f2 , I rarely go beyond f2 ever as pulling focus on a moving person at 1.4 is a waste of time , I light most sets for 2.8 and go to 2 outside at night
  24. The panny 14mm is as lens I use a lot especially on steadycam rigs for walking shots and for wide establishing street shots too, its pin sharp aspheric so I'm looking forward to getting the 12mm it will be useful extra wide lens , I do try to use wide angle lens asleast as possible as I'm not a big fan and as a rule I like to be on the longer end of lenses where ever I can , but certain shot do require these wide lenses .
  25. The cheap easy option is un diffused red heads lamps and put black bin liners on the windows to block out the sunlight
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