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  1. Got a set of Dracast 728 RGBW LED Panel 2-Light Kit. Love the lights and don't need gels. Forgot about the Kino Flo 4' Single System Fluorescent Light. I do need gels for that one.
  2. Thanks for all the info guys!! 👍
  3. That's what it is. IT's a series 9 So what do i need to purchase for a series 9 filter?
  4. It's a promist filter 82mm circular. It's a Black promist filter 82mm circular.
  5. Quick question guys and girls. About to make a purchase of Ebay for a lens filter but it has no threads. Seller said that the filter needs an adapter. Could anyone post me in the right direction on this because I'm about to go crazy searching for this info. LOL Thanks in advance. Oh and the thread is 82mm btw.
  6. I'll just stick to my Hackintosh. It's more cost-effective nowadays.
  7. So would you consider the G85 better than the GH4 if you have both?
  8. Same here for me ^^^^ I also have a Samsung 250gb SSD t3 for my MacBook Pro.
  9. The new m2. HD are great in the new macbook pros. The test on mines. And I run fcpx easy with only 8gb of ram.
  10. Welp glad I didn't get the gh5. Can save my money for this camera.
  11. Too funny LOL. The first post with link will get you a dancing monkey also. Disclaimer(you may not get a dancing monkey)
  12. LOL no that's not the updated link. LMAO
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