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Introducing Rectilux FF Single Focus Adapters (Rectilux 5FF, Rectilux 7FF & Rectilux 9FF Announced)


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Recticlips are short ungraded clips illustrating a feature or an operational aspect of the Rectilux 3FF.
Here we have some slow handheld focus pulls to a WWII memorial over 60ft away, using a Sony E1.8/50mm taking lens behind the Rectilux 3FF.
It is instructional to compare the mumps in this clip with the mumps of a Vantage Hawk between 01:27 & 01:30 in the clip below it, which was shot in the confines of a small living space
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Anamorphic Zoom, CinemaScope Flares, Follow Focus, Pull Focus, Oval Bokeh.
Basically everything you need to know about Rectilux 3FF in one clip. The world of Anamorphic shooting defined in one clip.
Ungraded NEX 5N (-3,1,-3)
No focus assistant used or required.
The vintage look digitally remastered and only 500g in weight.


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Though better than your previous tests for showing sharpness, I'm still not seeing very crisp focus at full screen on that text on the phone and considering you're compressing your footage vertically in post I'd have expected sharper particularly on a rather slow taking lens and an aps-c sensor.  At the moment it;s looking on a par, or maybe not even as sharp to what i was getting from my century 1.33x and a 28mm f2.8 on a nex5n almost 3 years ago:-




At todays prices you could get an olympus 28mm, a century and a tokina for around £500-600 if you are searching on ebay and or contacting hire firms who no longer use the little century lenses, and IMO that little humble combo not only offers wider and sharper capability, its probably lighter and also can be single focused from 50cm - inf with the tokina left in place.  As an added bonus the century has one of the best flares going!!!  This little combo costs 1/8th of the price of the system you are testing here and from what I see is comparable or better in some cases.  


Give us some footage from a fast prime man!  No one wants to see an f3.5-f5.6 zoom because very few of us would ever want zoom feature from an anamorphic.  Show us some samples against your iscorama.  give us something to justify this constantly bumped thread.    

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See my flickr page for sharpness queries, it has been there since July.


Also show me a 2x single focus which can do this, thanks


Show me a Zoom Anamorphic


Not interested in zooms mate.  in any case I can stick one on the iscorama or this FM unit as long as the zoom is parfocal.  the 2x selling point is null and void if the image quality is hopeless as i am seeing here.


even your flickr pics lack that sharpness pow that lets you know you;ve hit focus.  they're sharper than your recticlips but why are we not seeing the same sharpness in the videos?  the nex5n is actually pretty good for sharpness in video.


The FM module discussion about group discount (you know, the thread you locked in anger) at 550eur seems to do a pretty good job - hence why i went and found a cinelux 2x ready for when i can afford to grab the FM Module!  - This is a 2x setup which far outperforms what i am seeing here.


Please don't take this as a personal attack, but one of critique of your product which seems to be pushed to the top of the forum as a hard sell on a daily basis without really providing anything of worth and distracting from the community spirit IMO.  

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  • Administrators

I think this thread should now be left to the input of other users. If there's enough interest from them to see it gravitate to the top of the forum daily then it should stay, and if not then it should sink.


John, please refrain from bumping it up on a daily basis.

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In this post, I thought I would provide some insight into the technology behind Rectilux. 

I have a considerable collection of anamorphics built up over the last ten years or so and the clip below shows just a small part of my collection. 

Every scope seems to have its own personality and over two years ago I started a project to investigate what would be the optimum solution for a focusing group for each scope in terms of spot radius, chromatic aberration and so forth. 

The project's aim was to make each scope single focus. The work involved disassembling each scope, taking measurements using good engineering practice and modelling each scope in software. Following that, many iterative solves were conducted to minimise the merit or cost function, which is a measure of goodness, taking into account practical ergonomic issues like for example having a workable stroke.

Over 30 species of scopes were analysed this way and the results have been catalogued and burnt onto the DVDROM that you can see at the end of the clip below. The DVDROM details the best optical prescription for each scope.

Rectilux truly is the vintage look digitally remastered.


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Nice collection of lenses, must weigh a ton, with the Moller Light(RectiLux) at the top :)

How many turns does it need to complete the focus from 0.5 to infinity.

What else is included?

Which tokina is being talked about above, & will the combo mentioned be anamorphic footage, ie does the century do a squeeze?

which century?

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Ha, ha Moller liight - I like it.


It's not a boat anchor thats for sure :)



Focus throw is 195 degress with a short stroke., but if you want different it can be customised to your needs.


No dioptres required.


There will be other lenses and accessories for super wide anamorphic coming later.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Some more news from Rectilux...
Introducing Rectilux 7FF, the worlds fastest 2X single focus anamorphic adapter in a lightweight package. With its huge ~63mm entrance pupil, the Rectilux 7FF is for film makers who want the monster bokeh aesthetic with real close focusing down to 0.5m. 
The Rectilux 7FF supports the following aperture/focal length combinations on 35mm full frame:
1.4/85mm, 1.6/100mm, 2.2/135mm, 2.4/150mm, 3.2/200mm etc
Furthermore Rectilux 7FF harnesses a wide choice of vintage glass chosen from:
Hypergonar HiFi, Bausch & Lomb, Moller, Schneider Kreuznach, Isco, Carl Zeiss, Rathenower, Kowa...
Product specification is here:
VR demo is here:
and for lazy mousers..
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