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  1. Hello Ryan, I subscribed to your YouTube page after watching your videos with C100 and Anamorphot adapter. Great looking stuff. If fact, in one night I decided to educate myself via tutorials about the adapter. However, I tried to look for more videos due to the same question you had about different lenses. I decided to order an Anamorphot adapter +1.33 from B&H so I can test it out with other lenses I have. I will definitely post some videos once I get a chance to play with it. I know your post is dated back to 2014, so my apologies for being late hahaha!!! Also, have you had a chance to try out Vid-Atlantic's anamorphic filters (well, they're not really anamorphic)? I'm looking forward to seeing how I can maximize my c100's censor, and a make a 2Kx1080 image.
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