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  1. hey if youre the guy in ireland on ebay we need to do this through the forum because my account wont let me ship overseas
  2. selling my gold ultra star close focus at 5 feet, comes with a helios 44-2, +1,+2,+4 diopter set, nd filter, step up rings, vid atlantic clamp. going for $350 or best offer. http://www.ebay.com/itm/anamorphic-lens-bundle-/261587403668?
  3. I'm sorry lol I was looking at the wrong lens! Well that lens is canon but it's 800 bucks And that's just way too much for me to spend on a lens
  4. It's a Nikon lens I have a canon body my camera won't be able to speak to the aperture control
  5. I have a t4i so it's aspc 1.6 crop factor I'd perfer vintagelenses manual controls, I can't seem to find info on wether some zooms have spinning fronts or not
  6. It's an isco optic ultrastar I use it with a clamp so I need a zoom that dosent have a spinning front
  7. I want to use a zoom with my anamorphic attachment but don't know where to start looking, I need it to be cheap, vintage, and obviously the front filters can't turn when zooming or focusing the lens any recommendations?
  8. I won this lens on eBay for 99 bucks and when I got it I had a lot of trouble trying to separate the actual anamorphic lens from the projection back end. I ended up getting a set of oil filter wrenches like this ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > I put on on the top lens and one on the back end at different directions and it came right off hope this helps
  9. Hey fuzzynormal I'm in 92114 pretty close to downtown but more towards lemon grove, that's exciting to hear that my apsc is closer to the film emu that I want without having to spend more cash on a ff camera I just got filmconvert (I've read about it before on pblooms site) and I'll try and test some stuff very soon
  10. I film with a canon t4i wich is crop and I've heard it's censor is closer to 35mm then ff cameras are is that true? I also use as I said before the cineplus color style on camera as well as shoot through an anamorphic (isco ultra star) not the greatest lens but it's sharp and it let's me shoot anamorphic for cheap. I use mostly a Olympus 50 1.8 as the taking lens but just bought the helios 44-2 for more of a vintage feel from my glass. I shoot 24fps and 47 shutterspeed with ML. Do you think this set up would be considered the right ingredients?
  11. Ok so I've been using cineplus cinema picture style along side ive Lotus picture style both being a Kodak vision2 kind of in camera grade. I usually tweak them a bit in post but for the most part they are very good and quite cheap honestly but that's not what I wanted to talk about. What do you guys think about grading footage to look like 35 or 16mm film? I'm not talking necessarily "the film look" but I mean making footage actually look as if it was shot on film. What techniques do you use? Any type of workflow/grains you recommend? Is it overrated to go for this look and how often do you do this kind of grade?
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