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SLR Magic Anamorphot C100 Example - Lens Compatibility?

Ryan Rossman

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Hey there, I wanted to share my first test with my SLR Magic Anamorphot adapter and see if anyone else is using this adapter and what lenses they've found work well.  Specifically for EF mount.  


I shot this with a Canon C100 using the Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art lens, which worked beautifully.  I'm looking to find other lenses that will work well which I've had little luck.  I think it works best with lenses that have a narrow front lens element.  Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Here is the video: 

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Hello Ryan,

I subscribed to your YouTube page after watching your videos with C100 and Anamorphot adapter. Great looking stuff. If fact, in one night I decided to educate myself via tutorials about the adapter. However, I tried to look for more videos due to the same question you had about different lenses.

I decided to order an Anamorphot adapter +1.33 from B&H so I can test it out with other lenses I have. I will definitely post some videos once I get a chance to play with it.

I know your post is dated back to 2014, so my apologies for being late hahaha!!!

Also, have you had a chance to try out Vid-Atlantic's anamorphic filters (well, they're not really anamorphic)?

I'm looking forward to seeing how I can maximize my c100's censor, and a make a 2Kx1080 image.

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