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  1. Not such a deal with separation on rear optic :rolleyes:
  2. I just heard some bells here? B) At least Rich you keep humour up ;)
  3. And I can't express my opinion? Do you lock your girlfriend too in the basement? :ph34r:
  4. In other words: you are my experimental animals guys...
  5. I noticed this too, but I didn't want to be more bitter... :rolleyes:
  6. Only 6 months warranty?? For a brand new item?? What they think they sell? Chewing gums? By the law the minimum must be 1-2 years...
  7. Juan Le, I don't disagree with your opinion, which is very logical, and very well stated. But it is my personal opinion-experience (please permit me that, after being active in the market for 31-32 years now), that in similar cases of such a massive order, the market works like that: if for a group of 5-10 people I will offer a 10%, then for 18-20 people I will offer more than this. Even something small, to show to them how much I appreciate doing business with them. As I explained already, it is not a matter of €20 (for most of us), it is a matter of respect and appreciation to that larg
  8. I don't like acting this way, it is not in my character and I have nothing against anybody. I publicly apologise to all, including richg101, even that he's not correct over me, starting at that time with my SLR sale, and about his today's statement against me. And again: I wanted to try this lens, but I still believe that seller has to respect us more as a community. IT IS NOT the 15 or 20 euros the problem, it is the respect that I was expecting from him, and for a lens that we don't know yet what it will be. Premini's post is very correct.
  9. And I don't have the right to express my opinion, Julian? Do you see any problem on this?
  10. Hmmm, I smell something here... Mr. moderator. You've being given some power and you use it quite well... I'm afraid that you are not watching my posts closely enough to really see if I contribute one way or another in the forum or not. And I also afraid that you are talking for your self and not for me: it is not me who's buying a $10 Helios and resell it for $220+ ... Is this what you mean when you're talking about "unrealistic prices"? Since when you are able to predict if someone is gonna keep the lens for his personal use or not? Shake your head a little. What is your problem when
  11. Okay Comurit, I'm just out of this and that's all guys. Sorry but I can't follow under these conditions
  12. Me too I was expecting a lowered price, and you know something, in many countries (including many european ones), €515 is a monthly salary... While in UK, or Netherlands, or Germany, the monthly salary is 3-4 times more than this... You want a massive sale or just to sell some pieces? And exactly as it is a beta copy, the discount should be better than the one is offered for such a massive sale.
  13. Comurit, I can clearly remember that some people in this forum felt on you and they criticised you, that behind your kind move to work for all of us to have the discount, that you were trying to take profit for you personally... I supported your move and as I have said already, that was great. But, for my opinion the 10% is small in front of our massive interest. Let's see what the price of this lens will be after one month, if nobody will buy... And if the seller will not beg this community to buy his product in even lower price... That's how the market works.
  14. I had the same question my self...
  15. They don't want??? I'm afraid that they didn't told you the truth: I made clear to them that personally I'm not interested under these conditions. I'm sorry that I don't follow but I have made my statement clear enough already...
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