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  1. I have $100k leftover from Wedding sales, and my current camera is broken. Any suggestions on what I should buy? I am making a new Romantic Comedy with a cast of 5 and a crew of 3.
  2. Yeah those are better alternatives. Why the Hell does everything need to be expensive.
  3. Used cameras for sale since they are more affordable.
  4. Why $30 for a Canon C picture profile? Why $10? Even if the Canon C works well with Canon C lut packs, I still wonder if it can practically work on Adobe software. $30 marked down to $10 sounds fishy, it should be free or even up to $5. Even if you got bills, it still would be worth more if the price got cut.
  5. 8k, 6k, 4k, 2k, and HD, but most people still prefer having a DVD put in a DVD player regardless. I doubt that many people know what is Vimeo, and perhaps hardly have any money to afford Netflix. Amazon Video is your best option.
  6. Do what you feel like, and do not let other people who are not your family or friends tell you how to spend your money and live your filmmaking endevour. You like Film School, go to Film School. You don't, you don't. You have a good business, good. If not, work on it. Don't be a Kanye West.
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