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  1. Sorry I thought this was another video, in this I used a true net.
  2. No I used another filter which I don’t remember if it was a pearlescent, glimmerglass or other.
  3. Thanks I don’t have a Vimeo account yet, I will do it soon.
  4. I received this lens recently and decided to give it a try. https://youtu.be/QN2x1Z2m7SQ
  5. Hi I am new here, just thought I would share my first youtube video. I used to shoot video with Canon DSLRs and stopped for sometime, mostly focused on photography, but recently I moved toward sony mirrorless camera and started to test out the video capabilities. This is mostly an experiment I did with a Sony a6600 and anamorphic lenses (Sirui 35mm and 50mm) as well as a Sony 10-18mm.
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