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    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    I've already mentioned this in the "Complete list of 4K cameras for filmmakers" thread. The info is still incorrect in the first post there. And now Andrew keeps spreading the wrong information in other threads, too. However, I don't think it's that important. I doubt anyone would get the Q2 primarily for video. It's a nice bonus that it can also shoot video. But the stills you get out of this camera are excellent and it's such a joy to use.
  2. I already posted this in a proper thread in the "footage" sub-forum. But I want to add it to this collection here as well. My passion project "The Night Knows No Shore" shot with a Canon FD 85mm 1.8 and an Iscorama pre-36.
  3. The Leica Q2 does 4k in both 24p and 30p.
  4. Thank you @heart0less! I'm happy to get such a kind feedback.
  5. Hi everyone! I wanted to showcase my passion project "The Night Knows No Shore" here on EOSHD. I've been a long time reader of Andrew's blog and it was his footage that inspired me to get an Iscorama a long time ago. After doing tests with it for a while I came up with this idea for a movie. And you can now see the result on youtube: It's a project made by one single actor and one single crew member (me) with one single focal length (a Canon FD 85mm 1.8) and one single focus anamorphic lens ( Iscorama pre-36). Don't expect much action. It's a slow film
  6. I've reduced the price for the Iscorama by 200 Euro.
  7. Hi! The small mark does not affect image quality. I really can't see any effect on the image at all. About the price: Recently a similar lens went for over 3800 Euro on ebay. It had quite ugly separation if you ask me. I am only considering selling this lens if I get a good price for it. I know everybody wants an Iscorama for 2000 Euro, people have contacted me via ebay already, but that's not going to happen. Either I receive an offer that makes me want to sell the lens, or else I'm going to keep it. I am only selling the lens via ebay. It's possible to make an offer there.
  8. I put my beloved Iscorama pre-36 on ebay. It's in good condition, glass has no visible scratches. If you look closely you might be able to spot a small mark on the rear glass. It comes with a Redstan Adapter so you can start shooting with it right away. https://www.ebay.de/itm/143391426911
  9. I am currently selling a TOKINA - AT-X MC +0.4 - Close-Up Lens - Achromat - 72mm on ebay. It's in good condition, has rarely been used. https://www.ebay.de/itm/143391427979
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