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  1. Delved into this for a bit and built a nice set of bloomy organic taking lenses. My picks so far. Zeiss Biotar 58mm f2 (black m42 version) - sharp, beautiful bokeh, not too clinical. Kiev 8b 65mm f3.5 for Salyut 88 - such a hard focal length to find but sometimes it’s perfect. Slow, and so so bokeh, but a nice flat focal length Meyer Optik Primoplan 75mm f1.9 - essentially the softer, longer cousin of the biotar. Lots of blades, gorgeous bokeh, and a great anamorphic focal length. I got the black reissue used on BH for $1000 and the classic Jupiter 9 for the 85mm. Love the softness.
  2. It is! Even shooting spherical. In the zoom test I used the full range. On the teaser, 35 pretty much covered but was too distorted and wide for most of the content. The big stationary wides were 35-40.
  3. Nikon 35-70mm f3.5 Macro works great for me. It zooms internally, so it sitting with the scope on rails work great. I'd have to check Focus, as I use this with a single focus solution. Shot this with this set up on a RED Dragon.
  4. SMC Takumar 50mm f1.4 with the filter ring and beauty ring removed. This is full frame, so throwing out the crazy distortions, you're left with a nice sharp middle. That's where all the resolution is anyway. Usable albeit dreamy at f1.4, it really starts to shine at f2 and below. Under $200: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Excellent-Pentax-SMC-Takumar-50mm-f1-4-Lens-M42-Screw-Mount-With-Hood-filter-/322273530314
  5. Had the opportunity to throw my modded FM and Kowa B&H in front of a Dragon for a promo for a hopeful Netflix series. Taking lens was a Nikon 35-70mm f3.5 @ f5.6/8 all day. Hoya 1.2 ND inside the FM, in front of the Kowa. Shot at 5.5k 6:5. The glass really holds up.
  6. Question, how far apart are the elements at infinity?
  7. 4:3 frame lines on the camera. Desqueezed and cropped to 2.40. I think my final resolution is 2592 x 1080.
  8. I'd always vouch for 2x over everything. Shooting anamorphic introduces so much aberration, you might as well go for gold. I shot this on the a7s using a Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f1.4, Kowa B&H, and a modified Focus Module. 50mm full frame 2x anamorphic gives you a horizontal FOV of 25mm. In terms of S35, this lens set up is equivalent to 33mm vertically and 16mm horizontally. It also covers 35mm APS-C.
  9. At wider apertures, 45mm also covers the FF 2.40 area.
  10. But what's happening optically?! This distortion is gorgeous.
  11. This is 50mm on an a7s for 4:3 coverage, a little bit of zoom for vignette but it's plenty wide. 19mm S35 Horizontal FOV.
  12. I cropped the image to 2.40 as a standard. 3.55 is too wide.
  13. This is the widest I've been able to get yet. Any other single focus experience with wide 2x? Anybody get total FF coverage at 50mm?
  14. I really do think this stacks up optically. I'm amazed at the increase in resolution switching from my Hypergonar to the Cinelux. I figure on an APS-C sensor with an additional .3x crop, I'm getting FF equivalent of 66-133mm or 41-83mm APS-C. Pretty close to that Hawk. Going deeper into lens math, with a 2x desqueeze that's a 33mm horizontal FOV at it's widest FF, and 66mm horizontal FOV at it's longest. APS-C equivalent comes out to 20.5mm at it's widest and 41.5mm at it's longest, in terms of horizontal FOV. Pretty wide, actually. Of course you have to consider I'm using only a 1.2:1 area of the 16x9 frame, a little less than 4:3.
  15. Fellow Burqueño on EOSHD. Small world. My 80-200 is push pull, kinda a pain in the ass. This 35-70 has a ring which is really nice. It does seem to have "pockets" on either side of the zoom, meaning it kinda falls hard into 35 and into 70. Maybe I'll open her up.
  16. Focus was maintained because I'm using the FM as the focusing device. In theory, this should make any zoom parfocal so long as infinity doesn't change for the focal range of the zoom. The key to a good zoom for this single focus projector lens system seems to be internally zooming (or at least the barrel shouldn't extend) and sharpness. Luckily, this Nikon has both. Tito- it's both. Lazy warp stabilizer mixed with rolling shutter. I used no support so the footage was all over the place; a true stress test.
  17. In the past, I've found the two usually don't go together. But if you search hard enough, a sharp zoom can cut it. First test I shot using the Anamorphic Shop's Focus Module with a Schneider Cinelux MC and a Nikon 35-70 f3.5 on the a7s. ClearImage zoom was set to 1.3 to avoid vignetting across the full focal range (full coverage on MTF it seems). Most of this was shot wide open on the lens. Just sharp enough for my tastes. Hopefully in the coming days I'll get a test out using the 80-200 f2.8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeMMkV9s3-U Any other experience with zooms and anamorphic?
  18. Organic skin tones and overall image quality is attainable. It's all light and lens choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNSB4-tnQWY
  19. A7s is wins hands down. Not grasping slog2 seems to be a cop out. The dynamic range, the color science (when worked properly), and just the organic nature of the sensor are perfect for low end to middle range purposes. Kitted out, I'm sure it wouldn't even be a stretch to shoot a feature on this thing. The low light is just icing on the cake. For me, with color as a focus, harnessing the a7s' image has been one of the most satisfying things. Work at the post end of things, find some LUTs, push the camera you own and don't worry about what you could buy. Shoot, shoot, shoot, and shoot some more.
  20. A7s ​(1.1 crop) Helios 58mm f2 Hypergonar Anamorphic Anamorphic Shop's FM Lens
  21. If you sampled a 2872 x 2160 area of the 4k image, that would be 4:3. I personally would stretch this to 5744 x 2160, softer a bit but optically, due to the anamorphic. The widest I've successfully gone is 37mm and that's with a bit extra digital zoom, with a Hypergonar in the FM.
  22. Helios 44 on near full frame (1.2 zoom) on the a7s is combatantly shallow. Even stopping down to f22 yields a super shallow DOF. 37mm on APS-C seems better for deep focus stuff. Here's the Helios wide open.
  23. On the focus gear front, I had good luck with helicoptersean on ebay. 3D printed from measurements I gave him from calipers he shipped me. Easy and a snug enough fit without any screws or adhesive.
  24. Having just seen "Selma" (Alexa and Hawk V anamorphic), I'm extremely pleased with the FM, Hypergonar, Russian M42 glass and A7s combo is immensely filmic. Organic glass and great sensor response. Character and color science trumps resolution, IMO.
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