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  1. I mentioned this on Facebook about making taking lenses, since they wouldn't to focus, just adjust aperture, and Anamorphic Shop chimed in and said they are working on it.
  2. Cool. I should have the Focus Module soon and I'll be doing some tests with the Pocket Camera and an A7s for my own edification. I'll see what arrangement works best for me.
  3. Does a full frame camera and a crop sensor camera (3x for Pocket Cam lets say) effect the vertically stretched bokeh when using an anamorphic adapter? I know full frame will have way shallower DOF, but assuming you're getting some nice bokeh on both, does the nature of a 3x crop sensor reduce oval bokeh? Also, you often have to stop down with anamorphic adapters to get a sharper image, but do the effects of a crop sensor vs full frame sensor effect this? If on a full frame cam you're shooting at f2.8, then on a m43 camera with an equivalent lens you're effectively at f5.6 already. Do you notic
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