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  1. I suppose I don't understand the snark? Is it just a general snark toward RED? Because as a consumer, I feel it benefits me to have options regarding dual iso cameras. The more companies that want to implement that technology, the better.
  2. Would love a preset for the Lomo anamorphics.
  3. Fixed color temp will get you more light output at the same rated wattage. In bi-colors, half the leds are daylight and half are tungsten. So if you're at either daylight or tungsten, you're only getting half the potential light output. Even if all the led lights were going, fresnels would most likely offer superior light output, since there is a big reflector behind the lamp. Also fresnels offer much more controllable light. You can go from zoom to spot, whereas with panels, you're at a fixed, often wide, beam angle.
  4. I'll probably go if I can get in for free again.
  5. What you're looking for doesn't exist for your price point, sorry. The fs700 is the closest probably but it's still more expensive with a raw recorder and doesn't do autofocus very well. Also no stabilization. So yeah, what you describe would be pretty amazing for less than $3000 but I wouldn't expect all those boxes to be ticked any time soon
  6. Hey thanks a lot for sharing! Very cool.
  7. Sure I'll pay 15 grand for an 8-bit "cinema" camera. Maybe it'll even have peaking!
  8. I've never thought kinemini footage had bad color.
  9. Kine Mini ? Pretty big list of demands for your price point honestly.
  10. Yeah but the iPhone has less chance of exploding in your hand whilst operating so that's a pretty big plus.
  11. Never seen this footage before. Some seriously beautiful stuff in there!
  12. What would the color mode be for the original a7s? Any other changes for the original? Thanks
  13. Do you have more frames or footage of 2x anamorphic with the 63mm Nikon lens? Thanks for the info again!
  14. looooove birdemic! I thought i heard a sequel was coming out, does anyone know about that? I'm aware I could probably look it up, but where's the fun and camaraderie in that?! Back on topic though, I couldn't believe what I was watching the first time I saw Birdemic. The main actor is sooooo wooden and terrible. Everything about it is pretty terrible really though. Makes it a blast to watch! Even though there are so many great moments, the one that got me was the sex scene in the motel. It was so bad and the actors feet were ridiculously dirty! Gross.
  15. Lol poor guy being legally insulted. When you're a thief, you'll get treated like a thief.
  16. I doubt he's been planning the scam for years. It's far more likely in my opinion that he's been on the forum as a contributor and realized one day recently that he'd be able to get some money. A few thousand dollars is a lot of money to a young person in Egypt, as he's already admitted. Just a dumb guy trying to make a fast buck.
  17. Once it's sub $1500, I'm going to get one. I needs me some raw, full frame anamorphic action!
  18. The real lesson here is never use western union for these kind of transactions. And to be clear, I'm not going down this rabbit hole of searching for proof of the existence of Ebrahim or theorizing about specifics of the scam and his involvement. I was merely stating that the first reply by the account in this thread was...strange.. and that breaking off contact with the scammed community is something that damages his reputation further.
  19. I had the same concerns. There are a lot of red flags in this post. If he is indeed so wealthy to where he makes the amount of scammed money in a day, then refund it. Don't say you'll refund it "someday" and then say you have no obligation to do anything. And the biggest red flag of all is the "this will be my last post, I'm leaving forever". That is NOT something a innocent person would do. Saying you're worried about more scammers is not a logical concern. Someone who was actually trying to make things right would not cut themselves off from us and the victims. But you know who would? A scammer. It all just seems very transparent to me. The whole "this is terrible, I'd never do this! I'm so rich, why would I need to do this? Even though I'm so loaded and people were scammed of thousands of dollars in my name, I have no obligation to pay. But I will! Someday....oh by the way I'm never going to come back here again. Bye!" thing is soooo shady. It doesn't make sense, people!
  20. I find that the vast majority of people who pirate movies would never see the film otherwise. It's the reason I laugh when studios used to trumpet about how much money they "lost" to piracy, when in reality the actual amount lost would be a small fraction of it. I would be ecstatic if I made a film that was heavily pirated because in the end, people will have seen my material and might tell someone else about it. And more to your point, it's a very valid view point. The video game industry is the same. There are tons of old DOS games that would be lost forever if they weren't ripped and put up for free. Archival is important and nobody else is stepping up to the plate so...
  21. I still use my hacked gh2 as a very capable b-cam. For scenes without high dynamic range, it still provides a very lovely, organic image.
  22. Personally if I had to choose a ~$1000 1080p camera, I'd go with the F3.
  23. The aputure seems to cover 3-4x the surface area so I'm not sure if direct brightness comparison is valid.
  24. More color information is always going to result in better keys, no? You can certainly get by on a gh4 (Hell I used to key stuff from the gh2) , but if you have the option I'd go with the BM. Do you have access to an external recorder?
  25. Nice! Doing one of those Matrix slo-mo rigs? Or maybe a motion capture studio?
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