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  1. I suppose I'm leaning toward the nikon 28-70 , but I'm just very concerned about focus throw. I've read it's about 70 degrees which seems like it'd be dreadful if you ever had to track a moving subject. Can you use follow focus and maintain zooming capabilities ?
  2. I do agree that f3 footage looks great. As to whether its image beats the f5, who's to say? There seems to be like 3 people in the world who own that camera haha. There's tons of great f3 showcases out there. F5 not so much.
  3. Do you care to show something shot on it? I'd quite appreciate it! Same for the Bourne lens (having trouble finding footage not from Bourne haha)
  4. Thanks everyone. What is the focus throw of the Bourne lens?
  5. Would be used on an a7s so full frame and I have a Nikon adapter. And I can get pretty much any adapter so that's not a concern.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a mid range zoom that's suitable for video for $1000 or under. I'm looking for something like a 28-70/35-105, even a 35-75 might do. I would prefer it to have manual aperture and of course the manual focusing has to feel good and be usable. I know vintage zooms aren't usual that well regarded but it seems that new zooms never have manual apertures so that's concerning. I've been looking at Contax zeiss 28-85 f3.5-4 : big and not a constant aperture. Otherwise appears to be pretty nice. Contax Zeiss 35-75 f3.5 : good size, smaller filters than the 28-85. But obviously a limited range. Pentax 35-105 f3.5: interesting range. Cheeeeap. Seems pretty decent optically. Vivitar Series 1 28-90 f2.8-3.5: can't find a lot of info but seems interesting. Not constant aperture. Tokina 28-70 f2.6-2.8: pretty well regarded, no? An AF 28-70 f2.8: any of these suitable for video work? Let me know! I'd appreciate any and all suggestions. Some weird , overlooked Soviet lens? Sure! Cine zooms are a bit out of my price range. $1000 tops. Prefer 500 or less. Thanks everyone!
  7. Yeah the problem is using slog2 in low light. Slog2 on the a7s is noisy in general, but especially in low light. Go with one of the other picture profiles. And when shooting slog2 in regular situations, overexpose 1-2 stops.
  8. I watched that video assuming the left side was Ursa given the opinions here that the skin tones look better on the BM. I think the ursa skin tones are way too magenta. I prefer the look of the kine.
  9. Yes that is correct, sorry for the confusion.
  10. Here's a quick impromptu interview I did when I was there. Probably has the same info as the others but he does confirm that prores certification within the month. Shipping of 6k terra within month and 5k version in 3 months. Also that it's a one year limited warranty.
  11. When I talked to the CEO yesterday, he said that the prores certification should be wrapped up within a month. It was a shame how tiny and unpopulated the kinefinity booth was at NAB.
  12. Looking at Sony primes, xeen primes, Schneider primes, or rehoused stills glass. In any case you'll still be paying thousands per lens. I think our friend rich here sells his DSO in PL!
  13. Looks awesome. I've always wanted to try out kinefinity. Until they work out a US presence though, I'm just not comfortable at shelling out the money for a camera I can't have serviced in my own country.
  14. Those are cool and all but there's just something magical about the gh2 image. And you could get 3 gh2s for the price of a new bmpcc!
  15. I've heavily considered the f5, but unfortunately there isn't much of a community for it. The f3 and even f55 are more popular it would seem. As such, there isn't a ton of compelling footage out there , but in my research I found it to be a pretty fierce competitor to its contemporaries. 16-bit raw with a recorder! Flexible mount. Ten bit out of camera. Good low light . 14 stops DR. Slog 3. Well built. What's not to like?
  16. I went to the road show and the kids couldn't get the damn film version to play so they showed the digital version and didn't tell anyone till after. You could tell though. I was pissed
  17. In this particular situation id probably go with with nikon
  18. Not particularly impressed with that footage.
  19. I thought it was only placing the video in a 10-bit container but not actually adding any information?
  20. I have a set of nikkor ai-s primes I get a lot of use from. Really need some zooms that can match those well though. Was looking at the 35-70 contax zeiss and the previously mentioned tokina pro atx 24-70. Not sure how they fare in ease of use for video though.
  21. I did mean to quote your other post haha. But yes i definitely do see what you are saying.
  22. I use the fotga and it's surprisingly nice and feature rich. Gears are plastic but seem sturdy enough. Most of it is metal.
  23. if anything, I would assume professionals could figure out which sd cards were compatible with their $6000 piece of video equipment
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