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  1. If you're getting a shogun id go a7s over the rII . Cheaper, better low light, great FF and S35 modes.Just more info and real world testing all around Edit: rereading, I think that youre only considering the shogun for the a7s. Makes sense. Makes the question more difficult. You planning to shoot with a shoulder rig the whole time? Any gimball stuff?
  2. The shogun can take FS700 4K RAW as 10-bit prores right? Although it doesn't do the super high frame rates. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's capped out at 120FPS FHD, right?
  3. Wolfcrow has a rather extensive a7s system I wouldn't hesitate recommending. L
  4. very impressive! Definitely keep us posted. Do you plan to make a few and rent them out then?
  5. Can you explain the Forbes 70 a bit, rich? I must have missed the first news. This looks great though
  6. I'm hoping for a precipitous fall for f5 prices soon.
  7. Loved the first vid. Looking good!
  8. Comedy and sci-fi/action. Maybe some day I'll have enough money to make something
  9. i wonder if something like this could be used to make contax G glass useable
  10. Well I was talking about after you've rigged it out. And yes the ursa 4.6k looks terrific but the kinemax does have some distinguishing features. 6K is significantly more resolution than 4.6K. Clean 6400 iso vs 1600 max on the ursa.Interchangeable mounts. Speedbooster available. More resolution, frame rate, crop options, shooting to ssd vs expensive cfast. No global shutter though!
  11. I will probably wait and see, not because I think the product itself is poor quality (pretty much anyone who comes into contact with a kinefinity camera says the build quality is good): but because I'm unsure how the customer service is going to be for US customers. Barely anyone here has the camera so if it's a hassle to have serviced, or to use the warranty or something, I want to know before I plunk down 15 grand.
  12. This camera looks so amazing for the price. I like the look of the footage more than a lot of cameras that are way more expensive. And clean low light up to 6400 is icing on the cake
  13. A used mk II with this and magic lantern would make a pretty nifty full frame, raw camera on the cheap. How does ML do on the mk II?
  14. Take solace in the fact that no matter which camera you choose, it'll depreciate by 50% in a year when the newest version is released
  15. I find kit lenses to be near worthless. I'd recommend an old 50mm lens and maybe an old manual zoom if you want range. I know autofocus is nice for stills but I get by with manual even for stills unless I'm shooting sports or hummingbirds lol. The image quality will be much greater and the build quality on those vintage manual lenses tend to be awesome.
  16. Yeah I know, I just mixed up the terminology. Sorry.
  17. You referring to color science or bit depth? From what I've seen the nx has great color science.
  18. Honestly even now super shallow DOF is pretty uncommon for theatrical movies. I think the nice thing about larger sensors is that you can get a sharper image for a given DOF. F/5.6 on full frame will give you a sharp image and more DOF than F/5.6 on m43 or super 16.
  19. I didn't think the cuts were very interesting. The look wasn't varied enough. Some sort of lighting for his face would have gone a long way too. Overall, looks pretty amateur. Beautiful sky though.
  20. The rolling shutter is an issue but one we've dealt with since the a7s and nx1. Full readout 6K is no joke. Will be interested to see the sport mode. Made a big difference on the kine mini. I think the sport mode this time is 4k instead of 2k. Looking forward to new tests.
  21. Yikes yeah I've seen the useable DR measured at 8.5 stops! For a $10000 cinema camera in 2015! No wonder nobody bought it.
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