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  1. I thought the fs7 only recorded 10-bit without a recorder?
  2. Thanks for sharing. Those are some beautiful images. Yeah the size is the biggest impediment at the moment. I'd prefer something that could fit on the Ronin. Although I suppose I'm going to need a B Cam as well
  3. Makes you wonder if the stock Mark IV will be even close to as good as Mark III ML
  4. Thanks for the comments. Seems I have even more research to do.
  5. single focus iscos fetch a PREMIUM nowadays.
  6. Was wondering what the general opinion on grabbing a used Red ONE or what have you is? In my search for a camera, I've kind of ignored Red because I've always thought them to be out of my price range. But looking around, it appears you can get a ONE for relatively "cheap" (4-5k). Would grabbing on of those be preferable to anything else in the price range? I like it because it's 4K compressed RAW, PL mount, and has anamorphic mode for 2.40 aspect ratio. Not sure if there are any known issues to be aware of, or if other options outshine it? Another option i was looking at is a KineMini, but literally nobody in the U.S. has one soooooo....not looking good there. Opinions?
  7. It has to be at 3200+ ISO for slog2. As far as I know, that's the only limitation.
  8. Try to rent an FS7? A7S doesn't have the color depth you require, but it's a beast at low light and evidently slog2 can be pushed pretty decently in capable hands (keyword capable)
  9. You could always got Magic Lantern 5D Raw, but the workflow is a bit cumbersome I've heard.
  10. I was under the impression that the Digital Bolex was pretty awful in low light?
  11. Pretty impressive stuff. Is it stable?? I was thinking of grabbing a mark 3 ML for its anamorphic resolutions but it looked like it could only record for a few seconds at 1920x1200 which bummed me out
  12. Blue stars flare? Dang wish I would have gotten one of those. I'm excited to try it out with my cinelux but I prefer my anamorphics to flare and looks like it might be an issue to get the kowa to fit
  13. Has anyone shot anything with a speed booster? Was wondering if it went alright with the extra glass..
  14. Hmmm...so far we know it's compatible with the hypergonar and the cinelux...Has anyone tried a Kowa B&H yet??
  15. Also what do you guys think the best camera out there for this would be right now? (alexa notwithstanding...) From what I can tell, it's basically the Mark III or the GH4. Any other suggestions? And which between those 2? I would kinda prefer the 5D with magic lantern, because i think it goes up to 1920x1200 for a 2.66 aspect ratio. Without losing horizontal resolution. With GH4 photo mode, you lose a lot of horizontal resolution and to me, it kinda defeats the purpose of shooting anamorphic. BUT, i'm not even sure if the 5D is stable at that resolution. So if I can only shoot 1920x1200 for 6 seconds with dropped frames, it's pretty worthless.
  16. Thanks for the tests, Hans. How are you liking it in general? I think it looks fantastic, personally.
  17. this is surprising to me, given the Mark II rolling shutter issues. Pretty rad though!
  18. I see Raf has follow focus gears for OCT-18 lomos but i've heard that OCT-18 lenses aren't FF compatible? What's the dealio? Wouldn't mind snagging some cheap OCT-18 lomos
  19. welp still no response from Atomos. Is this the only industry where you can charge thousands of dollars for a product and then not be transparent about available features of said product? Annoying.
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