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  1. I would splurge on a m43 speed booster if i were you. With the GH2, it makes the crop something like 1.3 (APS-H). I think there is a Contax to m43 speed booster so you could still swing maybe 2 nice zeiss lenses. Or if you went with something like a Nikon speed booster, you could get a very decent set of AI-S primes.
  2. Wow looks great! Very sharp! I wish 4:3 was a standard option for all DSLR/mirrorless cameras.
  3. Yeah I was l looking at that too. Was hoping to get a heavier duty one in case I upgrade cameras soon but I suppose the sachtler would hold value decently and if I can afford a heavier camera I should be able to afford a better tripod
  4. yeah i'm just not especially handy so even something simple like "drilling holes in a metal tube" scares me
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I assume it would be a similar process with the Kowa. Not looking forward to drilling holes in anything lol
  6. ​I'd be interested to see some Lomo primes on it shooting in s35! I know you said the Cookes aren't usable, but I believe their are canon to oct-19 adapters out there.
  7. Seems like the reeeally good fluid heads are upwards of $5000 on their own, but unfortunately I don't have the scratch for that right now. So I was basically looking at these; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Libec-RS-350RM-Tripod-System-with-Mid-Level-Spreader-9-kg-20-lb-Load-Capacity-/390998050872?pt=US_Tripods&hash=item5b094cc838 Although I can't find much besides a text review or 2 about the system. And http://www.came-tv.com/came15t-pro-carbon-tripod-for-red-epic-cage-dslr-rigs-p-573.html Now Came isn't exactly a titan in the industry yet, but it seems as if their products are generally well reviewed. It's got carbon fiber sticks, which is a plus. And a Sachtler-esque fluid head, which is also nice. Only video review of it is by Tom Antos, and although I don't really know much about him, he seems fairly genuine. He was quite impressed with the quality. Other options would be a used Sachtler or something. Opinions?
  8. ​If I were buying Sony stock, it would probably have to do in large part because of their camera sensors. It's one of the few divisions at Sony that's still profitable, and I saw an article a few months ago where they were going to really focus on the profitable parts of their company and cut dead weight. You also have to remember that it isn't just Sony that uses the Sony sensor tech.
  9. Thanks for your input. I went ahead and just got the Berkey for the flexibility and (hopefully!) quality.
  10. Also which follow focuses are ya'll using? I was either going to go with the Sidekick Pro from jag35, or go really cheap and grab the Fotga...Unsure of the quality i'll be receiving though.
  11. ​Looking around, it's actually pretty tough to find quality support for less than that! Which would you choose between the Berkey or this one? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/750896-REG/Shape_wlb_LENSSUP1_Lens_Support.html I only ask because I'm buying a bunch of filters from BHPhoto and would prefer them shipped at the same time
  12. Appreciate the test! I just received my FM yesterday but still waiting on my rail system now. Should i buy any other clamps or accessories or will the jag35 baseplate/rail system + FM be all i need?
  13. Humor about death and horrible situations isn't a new thing. Did not begin with the Interview.
  14. Dude it's a Seth Rogen and James Franco movie. Don't think it's supposed to be high art. I think it looks funny and will be seeing it if it plays near me. I quite enjoyed both This is the End and Pineapple Express and i figure this to be in the same vein. Comedy doesn't have to be politically correct, and in fact usually sucks when it is. Unless there are some overtly racist themes that aren't meant to be taken lightly, I think you're being a bit sensationalist. The jokes you mention in the post seem benign enough.
  15. I would want somebody to post a step-by-step instruction set (or better yet, tutorial vid!) before i started taking apart my lens. Just so scary!
  16. ​I'm pretty sure the 1DC has similar rolling shutter to the A7S, no?
  17. ​Looks amazing! I love it. Might have to trade in the kowa for a hypergonar if i can't get it to fit and don't hack it up too bad.
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