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  1. You can get a used 5D Mark II for under ~1000
  2. I assume US customers would be in for a hefty import tax, no?
  3. Are you a kinefinity rep? Thought I saw a video with someone named Michel.
  4. Thanks for the info. Good to know! Couldn't find much online about it
  5. Those colors really do look great. Very impressive
  6. It is really strange and unfortunate. I'd love an iscorama made with new materials and a warranty.
  7. Isn't kinefinity an established company in the field of astronomy cameras?
  8. Really wish it was a s35 sensor with a m43 mount. Choosing between EF and PL is a concern. I have Nikon lenses at the moment but would like to pick up some EF glass at some point but also want PL glass in the future. A more adaptable mount would have been nice.
  9. ​Wow aliasing with GH4 4K? I thought it was supposed to be quite good in that department. Were you viewing the footage on a 4K native monitor??
  10. $5000 is a lot for a m43 prime anamorphic
  11. It's still significantly cheaper than red though, even considering the extra charges. From what I've seen I like the image more than red too. Only thing really stopping me is the lack of customer service for the US
  12. Might try to hold off until NAB to see what's just over the horizon. Out of those choices, it really depends. You'll have to really rig up both the kinemini and RED. The RED especially won't fit on gimbals and stuff so that's kinda a bummer. If you do any sort of run and gun, the 5D mark III is probably what you'd want to go with. But i still say hold off until the new stuff gets announced. Then at the very least this stuff will get even cheaper.
  13. looking like a winner! can't wait to see some good footage. Does anyone know the roadmap for releasing the rest of the line?
  14. Kristoferman

    5d mark 3

    the mark 3 with magic lantern still seems pretty potent as a filmmaking tool to me!
  15. I had always assumed it had expired a while ago. When did it run out?
  16. I guess it would depend on if you do a lot of 3D work. If you don't use Maya/3ds max/cinema 4d/blender then yeah, don't get the quadro. If you do though, even entry level quadros best the gaming cards in very important things such as viewport navigation
  17. Unsure about how the new gaming GPUs perform at viewport stuff, but my K5000 Quadro did WAY better than the previous generation of gaming cards at handling large sets of geometry. Unless you plan on rendering via GPU (which most of the terrific, supported renderers are still CPU based), I'd still consider a Quadro. Unless someone can post some viewport tests saying that the new gaming cards are up to the task. The old titans weren't very suitable for workstation work (again, unless you use cuda GPU rendering)
  18. Unless you have crazy money for a dual socket, dual CPU setup with 12-core intels, the performance hasn't really been significantly upped for single-workstation CPUs in a while (assuming overclocking) I still think the best value is the 3930K . 6 cores/ 12 threads that can be overclocked easily to 4.5 on air, and 4.9 on water. The newer chips are more expensive and don't overclock well. Although power consumption is better.
  19. Wow 16 stops in 3K?? Even if in real world conditions it was 14 stops that would be mighty nice
  20. Well I don't think the size factor can be discounted so easily. Also it's aimed more toward being a hybrid stills/video camera. I wouldn't buy it over the fs7 for video alone
  21. ​Do even the L series lenses resolve ~20mpx??? I'm confused as to why there would even be 25+mpx cameras then? Can somebody expound?
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