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  1. Hi, Of course I have SSDs. But these are not a *reliable* solution for storage, I cannot spend 400 euros for 1TB.. each project I shoot is 500-1500GB. Relying on SSDs is financial suicide. I think I'll get a motherboard that supports thunderbolt 2 and hook it up with a nice Raid 5 array. Anyone has experience on those?
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade my workspace for 4K workflow and for a generally more demanding and aggressive grading work. As is, I'm FED UP with the stuttered playback and am willing to invest whatever it takes to remedy it. I'm looking for a reliable storage/work solution for my project files, for I think this is the real bottleneck in my hardware; as it turns out - my present solution (using regular HDs or external HDs through usb 3.0) does not cut it anymore. I'm using nvidia quadro k4000 GPU and (a rather old) Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 2700K, sitting on the board msi Z77A g45. Perhaps I should upgrade my mother board for some thunderbolt solution? I'd love to hear your recommendations on storage solutions. I don't mind upgrading my board/cpu either, and my budget can get high as $3k Many thanks for the helpers!
  3. ​Simon, You're actually proud of this work? There are so many wrong things in it, I don't know where to start even. Bad, weird and overly saturated colors that don't match from cut to cut, wayyy too contrasty in many shots; generally bad editing and tasteless slow-motion. I just cannot believe why you chose this work to demonstrate your superior taste in color science and cameras, its beyond me.
  4. @Ebrahim Saadawi Can you guess what camera this was shot on, according to colors? :P (Canon 5D mk III, Sony a7s or Panasonic GH4)
  5. Hey guys, Anyone know where it would be possible to purchase the Movi M5 in London? (except for CVP) Thanks! Daniel
  6. I'm using this lens on the A7S with the metabones adapter, and love it!
  7. Hey guys Started playing with slog2 (using Film Convert as a base to my grade) and generally quite pleased with the results. I'm looking to optimize my experience with it, and would love to hear your opinions. Also, what about the PP settings - black-gamma, knee, saturation, color phase, color depth & detail... have you been playing with these to optimize your slog2 shots?
  8. If found to be true, hopefully it could be amended in future firmware update...
  9. I got an official response from Atomos: ************************************************************ Hi Daniel, For the Shogun to capture anything, the signal must first be sent over HDMI or HD-SDI by the camera. I don't believe the A7s is capable of outputting a 1080p120 signal over HDMI, so it wouldn't be possible to record it--since it was never there to record. Hope this info helps! Nathan ========= Technical Support Atomos Inc. ************************************************************ Bummer.
  10. Hey there, Does anyone know if it would be possible to shoot 120 FPS 1080p via the Atomos Shogun on the Sony a7s? (Instead of the in-camera 720p)
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