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  1. hmmm interesting thanks for the info. Just sucks that i'll have to move the anamorphic further away from the taking lens glass.
  2. i've got a cinelux and a kowa on the way along with the FM. I have a 77mm tiffen VND right now that hopefully i'll be able to use. Really like that thing. if not, i guess i'll invest in some 105mm (wow!) filters
  3. nice i'm just not sure 6 stops is going to cut it here in Las Vegas. Gets extremely bright.
  4. Read through both links. Looking forward to more! Also liked your footage. Great job :)
  5. Thanks looks like that's what I'll be picking up! Anybody go out and do some more testing over the weekend??
  6. that graph has been proven to be bullshit, time and time again.
  7. I've contacted Atomos and will let you know if they get back to me
  8. Really wish Sony would let you shoot in anamorphic-friendly aspect ratios :(
  9. I've used twixtor on 60P footage before with decent results. Just know you're in for some masking and post work
  10. Anyone plan on using this with a B&H Kowa? If so, could you make a video on how to mount it well?
  11. What's the consensus on a hacked GH2 vs. the GH3? The GH2 is probably even cheaper than the GH3 and the hacked image is lovely. I believe the crop factor is slightly less on the GH2 y as well. With a speed booster it's close to APS-H FOV (1.33x or so)
  12. That's not a bell & Howell version though, right? Is there a major difference in quality?
  13. Yeah all I shoot with at the moment is a gh2 unfortunately. Is peaking good on magic lantern?
  14. I need one of these too, for both anamorphic shooting and focus assist. Finding it difficult to really nail focus on these old manual lenses.
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