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  1. I read it as the first 50 listing are free - but you still have to pay the fee.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I was pretty shocked to find out that eBay charges 10% + PP and Paypal 2-3% - wow, thats just crazy.
  3. I'm selling my rehoused Iscorama since i'm not using it as much as i've hoped for. It's going up on eBay but haven't sold anything that expensive on eBay before. Any heads up? Anything that I should be careful with - other that not sending anything to Nigeria
  4. Uhhh. I'm tempted. I have a rehoused one, but miss a little easier setup with a fixed lens. I've been looking for the 2004 for some years - but for some reason they almost never show up on eBay.
  5. What mount is on the taking lens - and how is the focus? Stiff or still okay?
  6. Last call for the V2 upgrade was sep. 2nd. And still no news, reviews or a single pic to be found - weird... Maybe Van D promised a little to much again on the delivery dates again
  7. Does anyone have a picture of the newer design, lens support etc. - or does anyone have one?
  8. http://www.newsshooter.com/2015/04/13/newsshooter-nab-2015-veydra-anamorphic-2x-25mm-t2-2-m43-lens-and-wide-angle-prime-announced/
  9. Yeah - adapter would suck. They don't strike me as "adapter-types" - Avery, former Schneider optics, and Matt Duclos. I cheering for S35 or a Iscorama-ish thing :)
  10. Veydra is launching a new anamorph this sunday. If the build and quality matches the mini primes - we may well be in for a huge treat.
  11. ​Thanks for the tip - but I was more in the market for a monobloc
  12. Jeez, I paid half of that for Isco 36 and the Van Diemen Mod. I wonder why one would spend the time to list that, and not even include a decent pic
  13. Hi Richard, I have one of your fine lenses Unfortunately - the Van Diemen mod reduces the protruding rear to about nothing - and I think thats the reason for the vignetting.
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