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  1. ​My real name is actually just plain Chris, so you can call me that if you'd like!
  2. Comes with the necessary clamp and yes you definitely need to have rails for this beast.
  3. not getting anything sharp with a nikkor 85mm @ 1.4 , but things may not be aligned particularly well. There seems to be a low of "glow" as well. Also have quite a bit of glass stacked. Might take the UV filter off either the 85mm or the FM. Also might try things without the speed booster.
  4. trying to install my FM tonight. my unit doesn't seem to rotate (no focus spin) ? at the end where it meets the taking lens, there are 4 screw thingies but they're extremely tiny (the included hex key doesn't fit) and according to the installation video, there should be two sets. I think something is stuck? Did anyone else have this problem?
  5. Id like to see some pictures of the unit that aren't CG and some footage that isn't oppressively boring. At least these new models are competitively priced.
  6. Oh OK....So make smaller anas fit, you're gonna HAVE to screw through the metal tube and clamp the ana to that in first, THEN attach to FM? Starting to make sense.
  7. I guess my question is why the need for the metal tube at all??? If the smaller anamorphics go inside the tube, couldn't you just clamp to the anamorphic instead? Sorry for the basic questions.
  8. Depends on if you like to live dangerously...
  9. very much anticipating an actual review of the kinemini
  10. These kinefinity cameras are so tempting. Just annoying that nobody speaking English seems to use them!
  11. Is it something live or whatever where you have to have a multi cam setup?
  12. I WISH i were in the position to consider an Epic "cheap"
  13. anamorphic photography is underrated. Looks great, guys!
  14. if you take it for what it is and shut off your brain during the science talk, i found Lucy to be quite an entertaining movie that took a lot of risks that you won't find often in Hollywood. I very much enjoyed it.
  15. For green screen, why not go with a cheap RAW cam like the BMPCC? I'd assume RAW would be the way to go to capture as much color data as possible.
  16. ​ GH2 is normally like a 1.89 or so crop vs. full frame 35mm. So for any given focal length, you'd have to double it to get the equivalent frame of view in 35mm terms. Example...a 50mm lens on the GH2 will be approximately equivalent to a 100mm lens on a full frame camera in regards to FOV. Makes it difficult to go wide, and especially difficult to go wide and fast. Speed boosters effectively eliminate some of the crop factor. For the GH2, it takes the crop down to 1.3, which is actually more than the super 35 cinema standard. So the same 50mm lens would go from 100mm on the GH2 down to about a 65mm. So you can go wider! Also, it allows for approx. 1 more stop of light to hit the sensor. So it not only makes your lenses wider, it makes them faster! An F2.8 turns into an F2. An F1.4 turns into an F1.0. Etc. etc. I hope I've been helpful.
  17. yeah apologies if english isn't your first language, but i'm having a hard time understanding wtf is going on in this thread. Pretty video, though.
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