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  1. ​Well I (am going to) have plenty of lighting for all shots that need it.
  2. I am using a Canon 600D. I don't necessarily understand the crop factor, but isnt it essentially a 50mm lens will look like 85 on a crop sensor and a normal 50 on a full? Correct me if im wrong
  3. Looking at lenses to purchase and I need some help. The film I want to make has a dramatic/action kind of theme. What is the better choice in terms of how good I can get the "cinematic look"
  4. I'm starting to write the script to my fist movie, It's an independent film which will not be sold to people, just posted to YouTube and given to people for free on DVDs. I want to be able to film at a few public locations in my city, but I'm not sure if i'd need some sort of permit or temporary allowance to film at a location. Any information appreciated, thanks in advance
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