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  1. ​I see your point. When shooting faces I sometimes 'under squeeze' a bit (sometimes too much). I guess it a subjective thing. I think sometimes we get a distorted view of our images because we have seen the original. Plus i think it depends on different factors, focal length, subject distance, talking lens. It can make your workflow tricky. If I saw the x1.5 version of your shot in something, I don't think it would leap out as 'wrong'. But maybe the x1.4 looks more natural. its a weird one, but it makes shooting anamorphic more fun.
  2. Nice shares guys. Great shot Rich, Iscorama? Artiswar, techically not a model, but its a great shot so i'll let it go. Cosimo, you seem to be doing just fine, nice stuff.
  3. Such a great resource! Thanks Tito.
  4. Canon 5d Mark ii Lomo Squarefront with Lomo 1m diopter. I like this one, some real anamorphic charater.
  5. We can get a little bit bogged down with the tech side of stuff, sometimes its nice to get back to what we are all about.... images! So for a bit of fun I propose a thread of just images using models. (Anamorphic of course) Feel free to post your own stuff here, it would be nice to see different styles and techniques. Have a dig through your drives, or grab your camera and see what you can come up with. Here's one to get us started. Canon 5d markii Lomo Squarefront 85mm.
  6. Perhaps the playback issie could be fixed by using proxy files for the edit, then swapping to 'full fat' versions for the render. I've done this in AE a few times, not sure about PPRO.
  7. No, larger as well. If memory serves me righ you won't be able to go much wider than 50mm on 5D I have a Redstan front filter/diopter adapter for your Otex, PM me if you're interested. Chris.
  8. Thanks again everyone for all the advice. Yesterday was my first full day shooting and I have to say the Komputerbay cards performed brilliantly! The same can't be said for the Lexar, which crapped out at 4 seconds!! Needless to say it will be going back.
  9. Thanks Proctor, the main disadvantage of Raw is the lack of speedy play back. Will certainly take a look at this as I have quite a bit of footage to trall through! :)
  10. Looks very interesting, will definitely give this a look. Thanks for sharing :)
  11. Oh yeh, forgot about that, good point! You can also apply the colour profile set by your camera.
  12. Thanks for all the advice everyone, much appreciated. I have had chance to do some experimentation and I am loving the results I am getting! The image looks fantastic! My work flow at the minute is looking like this: Shoot 1600 x 1200px (Getting around 40 seconds with no overlays, 7 sec with overlays!?!) Convert to DNG using RAWMagic lite Import to After Effects CC as a DNG sequence Interpret footage: (23.976 fps) (Pixel aspect ratio 2:1 Anamorphic) Drop onto the 'Create New Comp' button (to maintain settings) name this comp 'Footage' Create new comp (little tip) enter the width and hight as 266 x 100, which = 2.66:1. (Or whatever ratio you want) Then lock the aspect ratio. Enter the width of the format you want to work in, in this case 1920. This will work out the hight for you ;) 1920 x 722px. Name this 2.66. Drop the comp named footage from before into the 2.66 comp and scale the size to 60.5% Then adjust the scale to suite your focal length. eg. at 2 meters I was using 60% width 65% hight to adjust for the change in squeeze at shorter focal lengths. If you want the black bars (and lets face it you might) create a comp at 1920 x 1080 and drop the 2.66 comp into it. If you want to grade you footage go back to the comp named Footage and select the DNG sequence. To to Edit>Edit Origonal to boot Camera Raw. Render to what ever format you like :)
  13. Yes, the re-coat would be very expensive and only for the brave. Maybe an option for Anthony and his 54? TBH, and I hate to say this, it may well be easy to buy a new one.
  14. From what I understand, direct sunlight would kill the fugus and prevent it from spreading. Cleaning fungus is quite complicated, as it depends how bad it is. In some cases the fugus eats into the coating, so in theory you could have the glass polished and re-coated. I looked into this once but couldn't find anyone willing to do it.
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