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  1. Full Ursa is humongous/impractical for many situations. Has it been confirmed that the Cion is getting the new sensor? People say the old sensor has less than 10 stops of useable dynamic range! Even then there are still the other advantages for the kinemax I mentioned. The proprietary SSDs for the Cion are very expensive! And the base iso is 200. I still think it's an extremely ill conceived camera and I wouldn't pay $5000 for it when the ursa mini is coming out/the kine mini/FS7 are already out.
  2. I don't think the difference from 4.6 to 6k is that negligible for a production environment. But even beyond resolution, the kinemax holds other advantages. Records internally to third party SSDs. Has more frame rate, resolution, and aspect ratio options. Interchangeable mounts. First party speed boosters for full frame look Shoots useable 6400 iso vs. 1600 max. I love the images I'm seeing from this camera. If kinefinity ends up having legitimate customer support, i could definitely see choosing it over blackmagic.
  3. It doesn't look bad but I don't know what it is because I'm still not impressed. Whether it's the color science or motion cadence, it just looks video to me.
  4. Never really seen any images from this camera that have spoken to me.
  5. new Kinemax 6K footage looks pretty damn great to me. Apparently some of this was shot with the new speed booster. Really wish these cameras would come stateside so some kind of following and discussion groups could get going. Kinecommunity is a complete ghost town.
  6. I think it's a foregone conclusion they're optically superior to the cp2s and cn-es. You always pay a premium for cine lenses.
  7. Even though it's not a well-known company, I've been considering the Came tripod. They have pretty well-reviewed cranes, lights, and gimbals. http://www.came-tv.com/came15t-pro-carbon-tripod-for-red-epic-cage-dslr-rigs-p-573.html Appears sturdy and you tuber Tom Antos seemed to like the fluid head. Looks sachtler-esque for a much cheaper cost.
  8. The blackmagic cinema camera and ursa minis aren't full frame, they're asp-c
  9. Gorgeous footage. Makes me want to reconsider getting the Red ONE
  10. But all legitimate cinema cameras are still APS-C. As far as photography goes, it probably should be dead.
  11. i wonder how long these coupons are valid for. i'll be buying a ronin soon, but not immediately.
  12. ​I'm sure they would have taken a GH4. The people were pretty damn clueless (to the point of not understanding the difference between primes/zooms; film school lol). And I said we could rent out a 4K camera, but they wanted someone experienced with 4K cameras. So the 4K bug is definitely hitting the otherwise unwashed masses.
  13. I recently lost out on a job for multiple music videos because I don't have a 4K camera. Pretty annoying.
  14. That was really cool. How long did it take you to animate?
  15. Avatar wasn't HFR. The new one was going to be but I'm pretty sure i read that James Cameron changed his mind and that only certain scenes would be HFR.
  16. I just meant that the two genres both require extensive set work as it is to make it look believable. Forget sets, you'd literally have to build actual environments to sell it. Not only that but also light things in a completely different way since hollywood lighting is in no way realistic. And props and body armor? Everything would have to look absolutely real. IF all of that was pulled off (billion dollar budget? ) , then yes, it could potentially work imo. But it's not likely or feasible. HFR can potentially help with epic, spectacle laden action sequences because people are a bit more forgiving with their suspensions of disbelief. Nobody is truly fooled when watching the avengers fight giant monsters throughout new york. It's just neat spectacle.
  17. Hard scifi seems like the last place you'd want high frame rates. Making a set look believable would be an intense challenge. Kinda like the fantasy setting of the hobbit didn't work.
  18. Who cares what kids think? The illusion isn't broken for them because they barely grasp the concept of illusion. If the sets don't look real it doesn't matter to a child because it doesn't even cross their minds that it isn't real. Once the curtain is pulled away and you lose your child like sense of wonderment, HFR narrative ceases to be convincing. HFR action sports works because its actually real life and no illusion needs to be created. I don't think 24P is going anywhere until the film industry itself evolves into something other than watching moving pictures on a large screen.
  19. Evidently we have different definitions of "a real movie about real people." Makes me think you haven't seen the first one in a while. Now your point is well taken about Jurassic world. What they've done to that franchise, which has a legitimately classic first movie, is an abomination.
  20. Your point would hold more weight if the original fast and furious wasn't an awful movie. At least the new ones have spectacle. Way more than I can say about the franchise before Fast 5
  21. I do have a portfolio. A few local televised commercials, some dance videos, stuff I did for my previous employer, and then an FX reel. And I would never spend 50K on a camera right now. This is for an entire setup.
  22. ​Assume the startup costs are taken care of. I should have said "Outfit a studio." rather than "start a production company".
  23. Corporate gigs, local commercials, music videos and my own narrative stuff. Mostly direct channel.
  24. Consider this thread the Volcano to the other thread's Dante's Peak. If you had $50,000 dollars to start a production company, how would you go about it? Someone said buy a RED in the other thread but I don't think that would be prudent. I'll need an A-cam, B-cams, lenses, lighting, sound equipment, rigs, and a large green screen. Already have a kick ass computer because my background is mostly visual fx and post production. Will be used to appeal to corporate gigs, commercials, music videos and my own narrative stuff. A-cam options seem to be an old RED MX, FS7, FS700, C500, 1DC,C300 Mk II (financed), Mini Ursa, KineMini, F5, am I missing another good option? B-cams will probably be 5D mark III and an A7S but again not sure. Lenses I'm leaning toward cine modded zeiss zf.2 and a couple of canon zooms but could be dissuaded. The Sony cine lenses seem to be a decent bargain but don't have the name recognition. Already have a nice set of Nikkor a is lenses. The other stuff I have ideas on as well but just wanted to get some professional opinions.
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