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  1. ‚Äči found prices to be on ai-s only 2%-5% less than af-d lenses which is ridiculous. also other brand vintage lenses cost only 10-15% less than nikon af-d glass
  2. [Help] GH4 + Adapter + what lens Nikon F/FD vs Contax?? i just bought GH4 without any lenses, so i want to go Adapted lens route. its either Nikon lenses or Contax lenses for me. I was going to get metabones booster Nikon + sigma 18-35 lens before + rokinon Cine DS lenses 85mm 14mm. but i realized that is just too much Money on lenses and sigma 18-35 is APS-C only lens. because in future i might upgrade to Full frame Blackmagic Cine Camera or Ursa mini with in 2 years. MY QUESTION:: now on Nikon Af-D my plan is 20mm 2.8d ,50mm 1.8d, 85mm 1.8d + cheap mid zoom lens. or i should i better get Contax lenses??
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