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  1. nitsan is cool. He really likes the pixapro 100d led lights, which coincidentally are rebadged and sold by neewer in the states. I'm wary of the cri of them but nitsans videos look nice.
  2. That looks extremely interesting. Would love to see some tests. How much?? Rich is good people. We're lucky to have him on the forum.
  3. id be careful buying super cheap fixtures. I've heard stories of terrible, illegal (US) internal wiring with the cheap stuff.
  4. Video working now. I think it looks pretty good. Id recommend making it longer. Trailers are usually like 2 and a half minutes. Id build the tension a bit more before the killer reveal.
  5. I'd suggest changing the name to something that doesn't immediately remind me of the 2006 sandra bullock romantic comedy lol. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0410297/ Vimeo isn't working for me right now but I'll check it out soon.
  6. Skin tones look great on f5 slog. I think to get actual raw 12 bit from the fs7 you need the r5 AND the interface unit.
  7. Ursa mini is completely new and early adopters will have to live through it's inevitable bugs and quirks. F5 is a proven work horse. You can also knock down the media costs by using qxd cards with adapters for internal recording. Plus internal ND, plus significantly more light sensitivity. And zero percent financing over 2 years is extremely nice from a business perspective.
  8. Does anyone know about whether it'll record to the shogun? Sxs media is just so stupidly expensive. Anyone else have experience with the f5? I was considering the c300mk II, but this would appear to be a better deal?
  9. So this was being discussed a bit in the ursa thread but I feel it deserves its own topic. Sony is now offering the F5 for $15,900. 24 month 0% financing. The 4K internal model. This price includes the sony viewfinder, shoulder pad, tripod mount, sxs reader, full copy of davinci resolve AND the brand new a7s II camera. Seems like a pretty interesting deal! Does the f5 record ten bit prores to the shogun? I assume the internal 4K is 8 bit? So do you guys like the deal? Definitely an enticing package, no?
  10. They're very different cameras. FS5 only shoots 8-bit 4K if I recall correctly. Ursa does 4K raw. FS5 is more of a run and gun camera. ND filters, higher ISO, very light, cheap media. Ursa seems to be more of a studio cam.
  11. I like the colors! Looks pretty good all around honestly
  12. I get great results from the 135 f2 nikkor ai-s. It's not "cheap" per say, but cheaper than the zeiss.
  13. Benching 300 one time is still impressive though. Max days are a thing.
  14. Sure it's way more expensive once all of the stupidly overpriced accessories are added, but still...Getting a dragon sensor for 10K shootable is pretty cool in my opinion. And 4K 120fps it's something pretty differentiating from others in its price bracket. The only thing that's a deal breaker for me is the crop/mount combination.
  15. Has anyone seen this cinema 5D article? https://***URL not allowed***/canon-c300-mark-ii-review-dynamic-range/ They claim useable dynamic range at 12.3, right around what they say the fs7 has. Would be pretty disappointing imo. Was hoping for at least over 13.
  16. Even though I'm not getting my hopes up, this would make me extremely happy if it's true.
  17. Well that's why you have a legitimate password. And if you think you wont be able to pay you download all of your files and back them up some other way (which would probably cost significantly more than whatever the yearly fee is). I dunno, unless you're enemies with mr. Robot , I don't see it as a bigger risk than backing it up yourself.
  18. I was wrong it's only 60 bucks a year hah. I'm sure you wouldn't be able access your files and they reserve the right to delete them if you don't pay. I'd just recommend setting up the automatic payments and you're good to go. It's kind of an unbelievable deal imo.
  19. Consider Amazon cloud storage. Unlimited cloud storage for like a hundred bucks a year.
  20. Pretty clever. Wonder how much it crops the footage
  21. do you happen to know of a tutorial or article that goes over the a7s -----> aces workflow?
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