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  1. Hey! Care to comment about the rolling shutter issues on these cameras? There are very little actual tests online comparing the 1DC to other Canon cameras in that regard. Thanks.
  2. No, just no. Any filmmaker here will understand that actually shooting a decent piece gives actual sensible and intelectual pleasure. That is of course linked to the actual ergonomics of the video camera/DSLR. Phones give you NONE of this real pleasure. In fact, I would call it a pain. They are great for "guerrilla-style" video productions, but little else (and family pics, of course).
  3. Yes. I believe it's the combination of a par focal lens and a dedicated zooming mechanism. Panny has some PZ lenses that you can mount of their mirrorless cameras for a similar effect. I'm sure other forum members can give us a better reason, though.
  4. Well, that's basically the advantage of the lens and focusing system on traditional video cams. Possibly the only reason, as well as good IS, that lots of us still use them in the field. No finicky DSLR or mirrorless AF systems to worry about :]
  5. Seems like that, E :] Thank you, I'll check it out. Guess we'll have to wait until further, more objetive tests come out, B.
  6. I'll take noticeable improvements in reduction of RS and jello any day over improvements in resolution and detail. No prob though, I'm a patient man.
  7. It has already been provided in this thread, Fritz. Check out the DigirectTV video. I'm referring to that. Also, the Panasonic ambassador video of Griffith Hammond shows significant skew when panning. Hey E. I lived the video transition from tape then to digital tape and then to digital cards, so I became accustomed to having very little RS and jello effect in my work. And yes, this was back in the CCD era. In the last decade resolution has improved exponentially at the expense of RS and jello. Guess it's and either/or proposition. Unless I leave the camera static on a tripod, skew and jello affect every kind of shooting I do. It's not aesthetic and I detest it. But deep down I'm an optimist. I'll just have to wait a bit more until a camera maker solves that problem and gives us both a moderate price. Cheers from Latin America
  8. Would be nice. We've reached a plateau in resolution, very hard to tell the difference between sensors. But rolling shutter and jello effect is still ugly.
  9. That jello effect is terrible. For me, it's a deal breaker.
  10. Thanks, checked it out. Sadly RS is still quite notorious. Guess I'll keep browsing until good yet old-ass CCD videocams drop a bit more in price. Ouch, I just saw them. I expected a lot less jello effect and RS, honestly. Guess I'll keep searching.
  11. Has any media outlet posted a video sample that shows rolling is in fact reduced? We saw a train moving for a second during the official product video, but little else. For me, this is the absolute most important aspect of the new camera at this price range. Otherwise, I'm going back to CCDs ;] Thanks.
  12. I agree with what was said above. Marketing departments are catering more and more to what is called the "zealot group". That's the hard-core evangelist kind of consumer. The one that will convince their friends about his awesome new toy. They are absolutely vital to companies now a day, the 24-hour connected era. The key here is that they are consumers, not paid or pampered professionals. Maybe the guys at Canon did not receive the memo with these new practices. The video seems to cater to no one in particular. The absolute worst kind of public you can wish for today.
  13. No young filmmaker is going to spend 4,600 dollars on a 35mm T1.5 Canon Cinema lens, as I noted above. At least they had the decency to leave a shot in the video showing the lens and the whole rig used in the video, which when summed costs far, FAR, more than the 80D with a kit lens. If Canon places clear and readable texts of the lenses used on the videos used to promote other cameras, why did they not do it here? Seems a bit too deceptive, no?
  14. For the sake of transparency, it would be nice to note the lenses the director used to shoot the video. This is common practice I have seen on other Canon videos. This video has a Canon logo on it, so there. And if Canon does not do this, it should be clear in the copy published on DPReview. It would be even nicer if you noted that the director used a huge and expensive Canon cinema lens for the majority of the shots: a 35mm T1.5 that costs 4,600 dollars!!!!
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