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  1. Email prpage@gmail.com ...........I have videos showing AF and other functionality..
  2. Selling NX 16-50S $800 or best offer NX 85mm $600 or Best offer Both for $1100 Buy now and I will throw in Yashica 50mm 1.9 with nx adapter (NX1 w/battery 16GB extreme pro are up for consideration if good offer is made.) PM or email prpage@gmail.com
  3. Hello. I own a Samsung NX1 since march 2015. I do both photography and film making. Want to jump to full frame photograhy. Right now I own NX1, NX16-50S, NX85mm, Sigma 35mm Art (nikon) w/ adapters. Considering getting A7r2 but first building a Sigma Art Series lens bag starting with the new 85mm then the 50mm. Then I saw NXL speedbooster (need opinions!!) If I buy that. I still may consider selling my NX Lenses (dont mind manual focusing) and just keeping camera body longer. 1. What is best NX hack for higher bitrates? How does it handle deep grading? 2. Which would you
  4. Im looking to get Ninja Assassin for my NX1. Manly for Workflow reasons. Are there any known issues with this combo?
  5. @neosushi these are NX1 results from a output to a shogun? or just a NX1 by itself..... If so did you have any issues with the shogun and NX1 combo? great test by the way... what was ur grading workflow?
  6. Thanks guys my stick with NX1. Has any body used a Shogun or any 4k recorder with a NX1? I heard early this year couldnt use much controls with it.
  7. Most of my work is on a tripod may use gimble Never said it was crippling. I just optimizing the budget I received. Thank you.... I plan on grading tough.. some test work I did at school I work with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7LlRUB1HA4 u can see the blocking in the blacks ....
  8. Samsung NX1 NX 16-50mm S Premier Pro 2015 Color EOSHD GammaDRLogJames Miller Deluts FilmConvert
  9. I own a NX1 wit 16-50mm s and 85mm. I just recieved a budget for a doc. Im talking a more cinematic approach. been looking at the A7r2 or a A7s with Shogun or ninja Assassin. What are some recommendations???????? Also looking a Sigma Art Lens and Rokinon.
  10. Had a NX1 for some months. Still looking for got-to combinations. Whats the best FilmConvert Profile/Impulz LUT for NX1GammaLOG? Whats you guys go-to non NX fast wide primes?
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