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  1. I saw bokeh split in half as well as other tell tale signs, it looked to me as if it was shot with fishing line behind or infront of the lens. but also oval aperture disks?
  2. selling my SLR Magic Achromatic Diopter Set (+0.33, +1.33), used, but pretty much perfect condition with felt case. looking for $160 usd shipping located houston texas
  3. i guess i will ill let you know how goes, also ill be selling my diopters for my 1.33x 50 .33 and 1.3 to offset the cost
  4. Seriously anybody tried the new 40 ? any reviews? i might just buy one and return if not up to par
  5. well i already have an a7s and love it. but i ink an f3 would be a great compliment
  6. So i need a second camera, both these fall in the same price range for me. any reason not to do one over another ?
  7. oh my the slr magic didnt do so well, i thought those fuzzy shot were one of the dv adaptors.
  8. talk to me about the the trump 38 on the slr magic i didnt think that would work
  9. I would think only on super 35 as the original anamorphot can only just do 40mm with out vignetting, and with being targeted at smaller sensors. thats why i like slr magic you can get pretty wide, where as most projector lenses only can do tele lenses. 85ff 50 crop ect... buts that the trade off i wonder how this 40 will do with tele lenses, Andrew how soon will it be available? I'd like to buy it, to try it out.
  10. hey andrew thanks for chiming in here. don't get me wrong, I understand very well how the anamorphots work, that's why i use the 45 and 35 2,8 contax zeiss lenses, very small and very close front elements. And the quality has been absolutely great, I am very pleased. but on the 85 2.8 which also is very small for an 85 the quality has been ok. Better than other test footage of 85s i've seen I'd like to know if you think the new anamorphot would work better will tele lenses like an 85 on ful frame? I know you use a 70mm in the anamorphic primes, is there any way you can tell me about that lens, its characteristics and how you got a good pairing out of it thanks a bunch
  11. its that i have to stop down so far and yes single focus would be nice too , I curently use contax zeiss 35 45 and the 85 as a lens set. and the 35 and 45 look great even wide open . its the 85 that needs to be at 5.6 or more. the diopeters dont seem to help it much either
  12. 16x9 for those of us who shoot on a7s or 5dmlii, just curious i have the 1.33 50 and am pretty happy with it up till i go to my 85 2.8 contax zeiss, I thought the 2.8 85 zeiss with its small front element would do pretty good, but no bananas, maybe this 40 would do better?
  13. I wonder if thats a mistake about the taking lenses. i wonder if this lens could do longer focal lengths on fullframe. what do you ghuys think
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