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  1. Yeah. I like the switching on and of log idea. But yeah I get it. Thanks for replies everybody. Appreciate it.
  2. I was basing the exposure on previous test at that same exposure but less lighting actually, and I was also eyeballin it. . I know , I know. I know. Which never failed me. Till now. ...The thing that upsets me the most is I can keep the setting on camera the same as far as Iso. Shutter. And keep the same f-stop. And the exactly the same lighting. But just turn off slog2 and it won't be grainy at all. But I guess if it does what you say it does to the shadows, then it makes sense. Also Nah didn't have an external recorder. I wish, but not $$. Yeah I'm sure someone will say the slog-2 thing and 8-bit. I reAlly like this camera. I got nice images from it on previous projects in good light and low light in slog s-gamut and cine and rec709. Just not this time.
  3. You might be correct. but I wasn't looking at the monitor as fail-safe to see if its exposed or not, we knew we had a chance to get grain because we did previous tests before, but in those previous tests it was way darker outdoors type of shots, and as dark or maybe even misleadingly dark these jpegs looks, but the room was lit, or so it seemed i guess. Here are some more Jpegs to so some other shots, not every shot turned out grainy, and these on this post are the worst of it. I just wanted to see if anybody else had this experience with Slog-2 and the A7s specifically.. I appreciate all the replies though. I get it though, I need a fucking light meter. Thanks Alex.s.
  4. I was just saying it was Film Nior, I know it doesn't mean that. I will for sure need to do that, but as far as A7s go, more iso in Slog-2 means a shit tons more grain, in our tests. Day and Night.
  5. Wait so you would recommend increasing the ISO to get rid of the grain? because when we did that in tests it just made it way worse, we also did have a monitor, but no lut input option on it. Also, in case it wasn't obvious we were shooting a Film Noir short.
  6. yeah, i feel you, I was/am kinda in the same situation, but luckily knowing a good group of people helps, we all work together and a couple of them have more cinematic looking (if you prefer calling it that) Cameras. So i stopped (for now at least) trying to invest in a new one and just started investing in lighting and grip gear. If you buy a c100, since it's already kinda outdated in a way, I would recommend again, from eBay, from a reputable seller, because you would save several hundreds of dollars than going to Adorama or BnH. I seen them go for an average price of 1600 bucks, for the mark 1 (without Dual Pixel Auto). The ergonomics on the c100 are genius, and the biggest reason that I used and like it a lot... again, just my opinion.
  7. C100 is a great camera, used it a tons of times and I would say its prolly my favorite cameras when it comes to design, just not the image, although I am not knocking, it turns out great video, just my opinion as in Image vs. Price Point. I used to own a GH3, again great little low price camera, you can get one on ebay USED, but in great condition w/box right now for about $450 bucks give or take, add a a couple hundred for GH4. there are plenty of good camcorders out there that are really good and have a fair price like the Sony PXW-X70, I have used it a few times and found it to be good for run and gun stuff that didn't require/or i didn't need shallow depth of field, because of no interchangeable lens system. I guess it all depends on what you like and how much are you willing to spend. the Sony has a 4k option ( even though that bumps the price up a bit ) the GH3/4 can take great Stills if you need that in a camera as well, and both the GH3/4 and the Sony can do 60fps, in case if you need that too.
  8. thanks for reply, but wouldn't it also be grainy in regular mode then if the reason is their dual stage iso, I had good experiences in low light situations without SLOG2, but with it only bad ones on yet, which is why we didn't use it on our previous short, that had less light, but turned out great anyways. this had more light coming in, but in SLOG and looks like turds, but yeah I see your point about overexposing, maybe its just me, I dunno might have had my expectations to high with this cameras capabilities.
  9. Sorry if this was posted before. I been using the A7s a lot lately and I saw all the AMAZING low light tests, but yet I am did not have the same results...ever. We just shot a short Film on the Sony A7s, using Rokinon Lenses.Using their SLOG-2. We were at native ISO of 3200 ( the lowest you can go in Slog) f4 on a Rokinon 35mm. The problem is a lot of the shots have a really good amount of grain to them. We shot a previous movie on this camera were we had Night Scenes in a Park and we were getting crazy amount of grain at night with SLOG-2, that we just decided to shoot without it, and it turned out great. Now This Short Film was a more of a controlled situation, so we decided to use the Slog2 profile, but ended up with grainy footage at its lowest iso, and I know you are supposed to compensate by us EV+1,or,2 or even -,1or2 for grain, we tested every which way and still got grain. I keep seeing crazy tests of people going 10,12,16 thousand in SLOG-2 and having it be crisp, I know it looks milky still obviously, but still crisp when graded. Yet we are never able to achieve this in low lit scenes in SLOG-2. The only reason we chose this over the 5D for the dynamic range and more manipulation in post you get with SLOG-2, but the 5D could have done this non grainy easily. My question to anybody who OWNS/or Used this camera in SLOG-2 specifically, at Night or Interior DARK scenes, has anybody got similar results or not. I did tons of research, videos, posts I just need to know its me and not the camera, or any suggestions period. Without the LOG, i shot outside on my street/downtown in the city at 35 thousand ISO and gotten clear good images, but with Slog-2 at its Lowest ISO it seems like we need to over-light the scene in order for it to not be grainy. I took some snapshots in Premier, the first one is with SLOG still on, the Second is with a Lut, just for reference. I just want to know if I am doing anything wrong, or forgetting to do anything, or whatever. ALSO, quick NOTE: this camera had a damaged senor before, but the owner got it fixed by Sony. I hope thats not the problem, but I am here to find out what is. Any info would help, thanks. Alex.s.
  10. what i ment when i said they are good for some stuff is that for interviews or documentary style filming they are good if you avoid the rustling of the clothes so like Fuzzy Nomal said. One bad thing I have noticed is that they sometimes pick up alot of noise that from what i have been told is that their wireless capabilities are also sometimes their downfall. There have been plenty of times where we had to swtich to a shotgun because no matter what we did or where we moved we could not get rid of the noise. Also the battaries as with any sound equipment but especially those die super fast. For me personally i like the shotgun mic because i like someone having control where to pick up sound that with a lav you don't get since its stuck in one place and if a person moves their head back and fourth it won't be the same. But thats just me , I am not an expert, thats just what i have experienced and prefer. we did use them with a h4n and then later with a H6 which is sweet by the way.
  11. We got the Sennheiser G3 at school and i used them alot and would agree they are pretty good for some stuff
  12. I got the Pny 32gig for 9 bucks at my Local MicroCenter on sale, 90Mb's. I have used it on my GH3 alot, and also the C100, 5D and 6D .they worked great for those or just as good as the scandisk 45mb's i also use but just from the experience with the card standpoint , But I don't know about the GH4 and or really the technical side of it that much, sry just my 2 cents
  13. com21

    GH3 lenses!

    good topic, going to use this for myself once i gets more moneys
  14. dude i had the same dilemma , I had a vx2000 ccd camera the old school sweet pro-ish camera forever and i wasn't sure if a dslr or dslm is the way to go agianst a camcorder, I did alot of research including coming to this site and other sites and let me tell you man unless your thinking of spending several thousand dollars on a camcorder witch now don't come with lenses anyways in most cases, you better off witha dslr/m I got gh3 and i so far just been filming skating were I have it on a handle and film runs or gaps and i have not have much problem with rolling shutter.  the quality is just amazing and if it ever gets hacket it would even more so, but its worth it as is, its just so nice, i have not even discovered the whole camera 100 percent yet and i am completly satisfied.   Plus if you buy it from a good site like B and H or even Best Buy if you don't like it, you can return it no problem, that goes with whatever you decide to get, I think as what i been told it all depends on what your planning to film and how much are you willing to spend.
  15. thats pretty pro looking man , i think your using this camera to its full potential .  
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