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  1. Here's what I do: Use the custom white balance with a grey card in most indoor situations. Especially when setting up lights. If I'm outdoors in daylight I'll just use auto. Sometimes auto during golden hour doesn't get it warm enough so I'll choose cloudy preset. But I don't like the presets that much. I agree the Kelvin setting is glitched out. Random tinted frames. Such a shame.
  2. Great work! What lenses did you use? And the choppy timelapse style was cool. Could you share how you achieved that?
  3. That's about the frames I get with my SanDisk extreme pro at 120 if I push bitrates above 100. Try around 100. I think it still helps the image.
  4. I'm looking into gh5 as well. I was eyeing up the olympus 12-40 pro 2.8 and the 40-150 2.8 as an alternative native lens combo. They don't have ois but I wonder how well the ibis alone on the gh5 works with them. That glass might have a different (in some eyes better) character than the Panasonic's. Not sure though, I'm just asking. Oops, just saw @Ivanhurba post. Thanks!
  5. Regrading gamma DR (with .95 green channel and +5 mbl), I find myself using it again as of late. Something about it just works for my workflow. But I really enjoy Ricardo's settings as well. Been trying gamma DR with impulz luts for a more normal color look and then I use Ricardo's natural settings and vellichor luts for a stylized look. Yeah, dis degrades image quality. At least if you're pixel peeping. Better off using warp stabilizer in premiere.
  6. That's a bummer man, sorry to hear about the errors. Hopefully it wasn't caused at all by the hack. I'm running vasile's 5.11 with the on wake mod. Which version are you on? Also did you try different brand sd cards?
  7. Yeah, I've been on 1.41 since it's release and have not had the exposure drrift issue in manual mode.
  8. Which white balance setting are you using? I noticed using the configurable color temperature setting can cause some random color shifts that blink the exposure as well. Also I assume you don't have auto iso on while in manual mode?
  9. Yeah Samsung really left a bad taste in my mouth but I still love my nx1. Sort of a love/hate relationship. Still trying to master the camera. This is a bit selfish but I would like to see samsung come back and produce more nx lenses haha.
  10. @rdouthit sounds like one heck of an awesome job! Do you ever shoot for roadkill garage? I shoot local car group events and I know making car stuff look cinematic and snazy is a great skill!
  11. Fantastic job! What strength/grade black satin filter did you use? I just got the zhiyun crane with my nx1 and it handles the 16-50s very well. Its a little heavy though and makes me want to buy the 2 handed grip option.
  12. I have the Samsung 12-24, its pretty small and lightweight actually. Autofocus works well in video being it's an ultra wide angle with slow f stop. Pretty much everything is in focus. For vlogging with a gimbal it would be killer. Which I'm about to try with a zhiyun crane on my nx1.
  13. I use vasile's hack and In 1080 especially 120 fps I can't go over 100mbs without getting dropped frames. Makes the slo mo all choppy.
  14. Could this be gh5 footage? Griffin Hammond is apparently working with panasonic on the gh5. YouTube says this vid is 4k60p.
  15. Glad to hear that. Looking forward to using them!
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