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  1. Hi, it looks like my NX1 partially gave up after less then two years. Wierd thing is that problem occurs only in all 4k/UHD recording modes, other modes are totally fine and its perfectly fine with pictures also. Here is link to see how it looks like. Bars across most of the screen every 3rd frame. 120FPS, 50FPS and other modes are completely fine. Any suggestion what should I try to fix it before sending it to repair? I tried formatting SD cards, factory reset, and FW downgrade. Maybe something in DEV mode? Btw I WAS using Vasile's hack for some time now and when recording 4k (with the bars now), after a few sec - few minutes it crashes showing "SD card Error" warning.
  2. Any chance to add at least variable ND like this in it to make it even more usable and versitile?
  3. And that is for the dumb adapter, non electronical right?
  4. For less earning people who are interested, could you tell us "expected" price? Just something close to what you have in mind?
  5. I can't imagine using my Nikon mount Samyangs 1.5T Cine lenses with your speedbooster! Finaly great 35mm lens with ultra nice low light performance AND Fullframe like DOF!. The Same for my 85mm. And now I could actually have LESS lenses, because one lens work for two focal distances.
  6. Ok, here are my findings from dodays shoot. It slows down the camera. A lot. Like a lot lot! But most of us already know that right? a) When the SD is clean + you have a lot of light + temperature is ok (around 22 degrees *C on the sun), it works beautifully for me at 190mbps with pretty budget card. b) When the SD is filling up (30% and more filled up) + you are loosing good light (golden hour is dimminishing and you are pushing Iso from 100 to 200, 400,800,1250,2000..) + temperature drops (7-8 *C), it stops frequently. What worked with conditions a) is not working with b) anymore. The camera is getting slower (my opinion, nothing scientific), the card is stopping- this one is for sure and I had to drop it down from 190 to 165.. I wonder what is causing it? Also: Loading of script is slow. Really slow. When you run and gun, everything needs to be smooth, fast. And its not. There was a moment when the camera frozed, so I took out the battery, placed it in and got like purple error screen (Looked like when you drop your phone on the ground and the screen breaks, looked really bad). So I rebooted again and the script. Just takes a long time and when you are shooting in high cadency motion situations, those moments to load the script just feels like forever. And you are loosing a lot of time. Didnt had the time to check the files, not sure if recording before the script is loaded causes to record with previously modified bitrate or just standard Pro 80mbps. Other then that: cadency is fixed,CTUs are better, more einformation is there. The question is - what caused the card to be so unstable in my todays recordings? - Is there a way to make the script not slow down the camera so much?
  7. That is handheld + stabilized lens + DIS or no DIS? I have to say, before my biggest concern with NX1 was CTUs(bigger chunks of macroblocks) and motion cadency, which was choppy and somewhat.. Disturbing. Couldnt quite find out the cause in order to solve it. The 200mbps increase seems to solved both of these major issues. And quite well I have to say!! I have a 6 hour commercial shooting today so will post my findings with functionality of latest hack
  8. I can confirm Outerbeats findings. I was lurking in the shadows until something bigger happens, but my video assignment for today made me to step forward and try to install the hack. To my findings it was super easy and the hack works perfectly with my budget card Transcend Ultimate 600x 64GB SDXC 90MB/s Class 10 (which offeres best price/performance for the lowest price). The card heats up, but as others said already, until its hot to melting point (which won't happen), no problem at all. With that NX1 can do - 200mbit for 6 sec - 195mbit for aprox. 6,5 minut - 190mbit no stopping after 12 minutes.. Not sure what changed, but great job guys, very much so!
  9. Dude, Tommix. Could you maybe not? How about no to you acting like bully to all of us? Just stop. Either start contributing and stop being a dick to us, or just watch what is happening or lets ask Andrew to get you banned? PS: This is not an invitation for you to flame spam this topic so be that kind to us, fellow cinematographers, and get better, friendlier.
  10. So I have a contact with Apple coder (not helpful to us, I know). He raised the question, if Samsung actually said "No" to us on receiving SDK for camera? Did they sent us remote control just to shut us up or because we didn't specifically ask for it? Can anybody confirm that they said NO to providing us with camera SDK under any circumstances ?
  11. thank you mercer, thank you for your time and knowledge. Off I go to the page 15 ^_^
  12. Thanks for all of it, tt definitely answers most of it. Just tiny additional question if I may: when you and others talked about the sensor being "demanding". How does it show, what difference does the camera make, when using Cine lens instead of for example Helios 44-2(which has beautiful character and bokeh, but really low IQ in terms of the resolution letting through). When we satisfy the sensor with high resolution lens, 6k for example, what does the sensor do differently? Why is the sensor "demanding"?
  13. Mercer, I am both hobbyist and prosumer in the sense that I do short movies (+- 3 minutes) to place on vimeo to satisfy my "artistic" needs AND shoot shor clips with commercial value for Microstock for living. Because of that I'm of course always looking for best possible quality gear for value/money. So while profesionalism is the goal, minimalism in terms of quality for easy transportation for on location shoots is needed- for things like these, just gimme a year or two to get better in the edit part So when you mentioned the sensor is demanding, you actually pointed out the reason why I asked. If I may ask you for a bit of your time: what do you mean by that in connection to lenses and output quality? A few people already mentioned it, but I'm hoping for deeper explanation.
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