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  1. I've sent Samsung support in the UK (and Norway for that matter) an e-mail describing the issue. I'll post their reply here when I get it
  2. Well I'll be damned. I just downgraded to 1.40 and behold - the problem is gone! Thanks so much for all your input, everyone. You saved me, here :-)
  3. That's perfect - can I just flash it / downgrade it by myself..? Thank you so much!
  4. Yes. I know this issue was present with the first firmware but was rectified with 1.2. However since 1.4.1 it's back.
  5. Thanks for your inputs! I wouldn't film like that in ordinary situations - this was pushing it to the limit to recreate the problem. However everything is in manual, including WB. My only way of safeguarding against it is AutoISO.
  6. Sadly no difference. Tried setting it to K, without change.
  7. Yes, here is one example I just uploaded to Vimeo Settings are Manual, UHD, 1/50, f.2, ISO100, AWB, GammaDR w/ sharpness -10, MBL -4. SmartRange and Autobrightness off. You notice that when I pan away from the bright window to the wall, it begins to "hunt" for exposure. If I try the same in Aperture Priority, the f value switches rapidly between stops. If Auto ISO is on, nothing happens. Maybe this camera can't handle ISO100 and a full aperture in UHD? Metering to center-weighted.
  8. Thank you for replying! I'm on Auto WB, ISO in manual (100). However I did some tests yesterday that revealed something interesting: When using aperture priority I get the same flicker/drifting, the aperture shifts between 9 and 10 rapidly when focusing on the other side of the room (both AF and MF), unable to get a lock in a daylight-lit room. It drifts between + -1 stop which causes the flickering. However, by setting ISO to auto the flickering disappears. And the weird thing is that this happens even with the camera in manual with the f value at a constant 4. With Auto ISO off, it seems the aperture will compensate even though it's not supposed to. On another note, in video mode the exposure on the screen changes when i vary between a lit window and a darker couch, even with all settings on manual. SmartRange is turned off.
  9. Well I seem to have gotten the problem with exposure drifting / hunting on my NX1 when shooting in manual. Latest firmware, 1.4.1, ISO100-400, 1/50 at f 2.8 with the Samsung 16-50mm S lens. Auto-brightness on the display switched to off as well. This is only evident when I move the camera from a brightly lit scene to a darker one - it seems to flicker between exposure for a good 10 seconds. Anyone found a solution for this? Should I try to revert to firmware 1.2 where this problem seemed to be eliminated? Any idea where I can find that fw? Hoping for help..!
  10. Well I'm a new NX1-user Let me start by saying thanks to everyone in this forum for amazing tips! Hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions. I'm currently using Gamma Normal with Sat -4, Contrast -3, Sharpness -10 and MBL 7. Any reason why I should use Gamma DR in stead? Also, what are your favorite plugins for color grading in FCPX? I'm currently using ColorFinale. Should I get FilmConvert too for ex. grain? And lastly, a bit off topic - I'm having problems with exposure drifting (a steady beat during filming) when outdoors at night. Does anyone have the same / a fix? Mike
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