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  1. I couldnt believe my eyes i was searching ebay and saw this auction for a like new red epic-m with the monitor and sidehandle and the highest bid is currently 4,250 and its ending in a day? It'll go higher for sure and I dont have the money for it now but mannn... I can't believe the deals you can get on this camera that used to cost like 50,000 dollars! I'm super shocked. Amazing how fast technology devalues things. Here is the link if anyone is interested. https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/231865245670 although now i see the seller has 0 feedback... Maybe too good to be true?
  2. Wow looks great Ed! You always produce great looking work. Would love to get that LUT!
  3. I'm confused, was this supposed to be your example of good footage or bad footage?
  4. Interesting so it's basically an accelerometer for your camera. I remember thinking that someone should have this to make 3d Tracking camera movements in post production much easier but i guess it works for stabilizing footage too. It looks way superior to the warp stabilizer in after effects. If you don't have crazy camera movement then the crop will be much less and maybe you can maintain some resolution.
  5. Nate

    GH4 V-Log $99

    Oh cool, yeah didn't think of that!
  6. Nate

    GH4 V-Log $99

    So just in case anybody was wondering. I just tried to order the V-log from the Panasonic website. I chatted with a representative and the lady said that the VLOG update can be bought and applied to GH4s even if they were bought from outside the United States. HOWEVER, you cannot buy the VLOG from overseas, even if you have a US mailing address and credit card. The website does not allow purchases made from overseas at all. Here's the transcript of my whole chat. Jessica: Hello! I am a Panasonic Product Specialist. How may I assist you today?You: Hello, I'm wondering if i purchased my GH4 when i was in vacation in Asia, am i still able to buy the VLOG update and apply it to my camera here?Jessica: Thank you for visiting Panasonic today! It would be my pleasure to provide you with information about the GH4 Vlog update.Jessica: You can purchase both of them here, since you do not ship to Asia.Jessica: Also, the Vlog may not be available in any stores in Asia, so the best place you can purchase it is here in the website.You: Ok i see. So i should be able to use the code on my camera even though i bought it in asia.You: the camera i mean i bought in asiaJessica: Yes, that would be okay.You: Great! Thank youJessica: The Vlog update only costs $99.99, before taxes! We provide FREE Shipping if we place the order today, too!Jessica: Let's go ahead and add it to your cart! Do you have any other questions before we proceed with the order process?You: I'm good thank you! I can take things form here!Jessica: To help speed things along, please let me stay with you throughout your purchase, that way we can ensure you complete the order successfully.Jessica: Let me send you the link here in our chat where you can download the online manual for your product.Jessica: You can Click Here to add the VLOG update to your cart.Jessica: In your cart, you’ll see the items added during your visit today. The quantity, price per unit, and total price will be listed, along with the shipping times and any discounts applied to your order.Jessica: When you’re ready to continue, please select the checkout option at the bottom right that you’d prefer. You can check out with PayPayl, or press ‘Checkout’ to continue along the standard checkout process.You: Ok got it Jessica: When you’re ready, you can press ‘Place order’ to complete your purchase.You: oh it said there was a payment processing errorJessica: May I know the exact error message?You: It just said "There was a payment processing error. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-405-0652."Jessica: I am sorry to hear that. May I know from what country are we trying to do the order?You: I'm in thailand right nowYou: but all my credit card and address are from the statesJessica: You are shipping it to US, right? Is your credit card issued in the US?You: YesJessica: Do you have a PayPal account connected to that credit card?You: No not yetJessica: I am sorry but there seems to be problems when the order is being placed overseas. I would advise that you call in to the number.You: I see ok no problem. I can get my sister in the states to order for meYou: Thank you for your helpJessica: Were there any additional questions that I may assist you with today?You: I'm good. thank you again!Jessica: Should you have any questions in the future, please feel free to chat with us again!Jessica: Thank you for visiting Panasonic.com.
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