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  1. Good lord what an update. Gonna have to start saving my scheckles.
  2. Looking to pick up a Metabones XL for my GH4. Any leads appreciated. Thanks! Also might be looking for lenses.
  3. For sale is a practically new Sennheiser MKH 60 Short Shotgun Microphone. This mic is fantastic for capturing interviews as well as ambient sounds thanks to its excellent off axis rejection. The sound is great. Perfect for documentary filmmakers. This microphone is supercardioid and phantom powered. It's normally $1500 new. I just don't have any use for it currently. Comes with a shockmount and mic stand holder. I'd be willing to sell to forum members for $900. It's basically brand new. Or willing to trade for some gear as well. Possibly an Atomos Shogun + small cash on my end or M43 lenses
  4. Came up on a GH4 so now I'm looking to kit it out! Best cage solution?
  5. We carry the Second Shooter where I work and I've used it a handful of times. It's very easy to set your points and adjust your speeds based on what you need. It's a very strong system and the menus are very straight forward. It's solid. Granted I haven't used it extensively, but this is from testing and slight use in the field.
  6. I have access to both from work so I'm probably just going to do some projects with each and see how it goes. Haven't been on the forums in a while and posting this topic has helped me out a lot so thank you everyone.
  7. FS100 lacking NDs is a little annoying for me personally. Trying to avoid that. Image is nice though. Another reason I'm looking into the AF100 is because I'm invested in M43 a little bit. C100 doesn't have slo mo options which is something I need, and F3 + lenses would be a little out of budget. Plus media. Just gauging to see what people use. Thanks for the input!
  8. Yeah it's mainly the ergos I'm after. I have a GH3 and GH2 I use if I want to be discrete, but audio is becoming more important for me and not having to carry around another piece of gear is something I'm looking forward to. Also built in NDs. I feel like I could bump the image quality in post too. I'd have to mess around with one some more. Thanks!
  9. Been looking for an affordable camera with an interchangable lens mount and XLR inputs. Seeing myself doing a lot of doc type work in the future and I don't want to stick to DSLRs anymore. Is the AF100 still worth it? They can be had for under $1,000. Any help appreciated!
  10. Same optics, so no loss in quality. It's just a different mount/focusing direction.
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