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  1. Thanks man! Yeah it's good to see ML alive and well. The slomo is indeed 48p RAW I'm saving for a BMPCC4k at the moment, but I can still see myself using my 5d & ML moving forward too.
  2. Just completed an edit of my showreel. All footage shot with my 5d II + ML. Been using it professionally (As in making a living with it) for about 1 year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1js__2cAdjE
  3. I've used this several times with my Aputure Lightstorm LS1 LED light. Now I'm selling. £29.00
  4. Used a couple of times. Works great. Good preamps, audio controls and phantom power. £99.00
  5. Aputure Mini-20C Bicolour LED Fresnel Light. Comes with cables and accessories. Great bi-colour light. Great as a key, side or hairlight. £250.00
  6. Comes with free collins clamp! The Redrock Micro microRemote Fingerwheel Controller Add-On Option is an optional component for the microRemote wireless lens control system. The fingerwheel mounts onto a microHandGrip (sold separately) and enables precise adjustments with 270° of rotation (with built-in hard stops). The fingerwheel control cable is included. £179.00
  7. Amazing cage with built-in follow focus wheel perfect for the a7s, Canon and Nikon cameras. It's in used condition but works great. Redrock are a quality company with excellent customer service. I've found this cage to be exceptional as a one-man-band. "The Scout is first of its kind ultra-portable camera multi-tool. It’s a universal cage and rig in one featuring a built-in microRemote Fingerwheel System that’s wireless-ready. The Scout has a rail system when you need it, or remove rails for a super low profile setup. Load-and-go, run-and-gun, point-and-shoot right out of the box. ultraCage Scout is the ultimate self-contained rig for handheld mirrorless camera and DSLR video" RRP: $2,199.00 Selling for £1099
  8. My 5D II ML footage is always super noise (But colours are sooo pretty). Any post-production pointers or tutorials/workflows anybody recommends?
  9. Absolutely. I've been thinking of upgrading to the BMPCC 4K but this would have the potential to sway me I think. Even little tweaks as stated above like better playback. It's embarrassing having the jittering greyscale playback when I do shoot ML if people wanna see footage I've caught on the day. Dual pixel AF obviously great. 2K - fantastic. If I went with the BMPCC then I'd have to buy an adaptor & CFast cards etc. If ML got working on the IV then I'd simply sell my MKIII and buy some more Komputerbay CF cards and perhaps a new monitor :)
  10. I'm looking to swap my Zeiss ZF.2 lenses for the equivalent Canon mountable Zeiss ZE lenses. Each of my lenses comes with 16:9 adaptors (which adapt the lenses to EF bodies, with de-clicked aperture and AF confirmation). I have the following ZF.2 lenses: 21mm f/2.8, 35mm f/2.0, 50mm f/2.0 (Makro Planar), 100mm f/1.4 (Makro Planar).
  11. NEW ITEMS/PRICES Aputure 120T Cob: £380 Aputure AL-H198: £30 Aputure LS1/2: £210
  12. Couple of Aputure items for sale here. NEW: Aputure Amaran AL-H198 LED Video Light. ASKING PRICE £35 USED: Aputure LS1/2 Led Light. I have two of these and I can really recommend. Very bright and incredibly durable. Owned this for about 1.5 years used maybe about 14 times. Aside from that I've had it in storage under my bed. Good condition comes with power adaptor (U.S plug - a drugstore convertor works perfectly with this), all the cables and control. ASKING PRICE £225 Please email me directly to arrange sale: [email protected]
  13. Last price drop before listing on Ebay. £290
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