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  1. Thanks, I used a leica 50mm-r summicron and kowa b&h. The Simmod seems pretty decent, I got one really cheap second hand though.It definitely has a greenish cast but using the wb tint adjustment in cam you can dial this out. I was using a tiffen variable nd before and the Simmod seems so much better.
  2. Wanted to try out my new Simmod variable nd for times I dont want to keep changing my firecrest Nd's. Seems to work pretty well after messing with the WB shift in camera to get rid of the green tint. Im starting to love using the GH5 with this Lut. I'v never had a camera produce such great colours with minimal effort.
  3. I may be interested I have a 21mm And 35mm both in great condition. I’m U.K based though.
  4. UK based (Twickenham) £120 This monitor was bought to use with my Ronin-m but after selling that I no longer need it. Used once. Great monitor High resolution 1920*1200,Slim and Lightweight IPS screen Features include Focus Peaking in different colours, False Colour for exposure, Histogram, Zebras and Audio Level Meters Package Includes: Monitor Magic arm Battery Charger Monitor sunhood various hdmi cables carry case
  5. Ye I updated yesterday to version 1.11 I was expecting aliasing but this is so noticeable and could easily ruin footage in a professional environment. Hopefully the raw update will improve this problem as on my fs7 180fps looks quite a bit better.
  6. thought id post in this topic instead of starting a new one. I was testing the fs5 with ronin-m ealier today using 240fps and once i got home a looked at the footage on my computer noticed quite a lots of artefacts in the footage. I know you get more aliasing and moire in s&q mode but this looks pretty bad. I uploaded the clip straight from the card onto vimeo so if you want you can download to see it more clearly. Fast foward to around 22 seconds and on the cars lights and rear left you can see some wierd blue blocky artifacts. Is this normal for 240fps slomo?
  7. Brilliant thanks for the reply, i appreciate it. The pro res issue was more to do with not being able to export from premiere as a lot of stuff I work on clients ask for a master file as prores. The power supply I was planning on getting was Seasonic Platinum 760W but if you think ill need the extra ill maybe look into P-1050XP3 1050W. As for the box i was planning on having the Fractal Design Define R4 which seems to have ok reviews. Ill also now look into a custom heatsink and fan as well. Thanks again for your help.
  8. I'v had a search for anything similar but couldn't find much so thought id see if I could get some advice. I'v been saving up wanting to buy an 8core mac pro maxed out but after talking to a friend recently, I was advised not to purchase one now as its old tech and due for an update (possibly) I then looked at a maxed out i7 imac 5k but wasn't sure if its ideal for what I'm currently working with. So in the end started looking into getting a custom built pc, which seems so much cheaper and better value for money. I own and shoot on an FS7, always shoot internally and use ad
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