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  1. It's cool. But why are people so excited I don't understand...
  2. There are so many options for decent 4k & video features these days (at an unbeatable price point) that I'm no longer hoping for Canon to satisfy my requirements. The party is somewhere else now and boy is it raging! I'll always remember Canon fondly. The 5d II was my first proper camera and then the 5D III. Only reason I've still kept hold of it - Great stills, and great video (But only with Magic Lantern). However I shall be selling it soon to raise money for more gear
  3. Colours are beautiful. Great shots too.
  4. Thanks man! Yeah it's good to see ML alive and well. The slomo is indeed 48p RAW I'm saving for a BMPCC4k at the moment, but I can still see myself using my 5d & ML moving forward too.
  5. Just completed an edit of my showreel. All footage shot with my 5d II + ML. Been using it professionally (As in making a living with it) for about 1 year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1js__2cAdjE
  6. My 5D II ML footage is always super noise (But colours are sooo pretty). Any post-production pointers or tutorials/workflows anybody recommends?
  7. Absolutely. I've been thinking of upgrading to the BMPCC 4K but this would have the potential to sway me I think. Even little tweaks as stated above like better playback. It's embarrassing having the jittering greyscale playback when I do shoot ML if people wanna see footage I've caught on the day. Dual pixel AF obviously great. 2K - fantastic. If I went with the BMPCC then I'd have to buy an adaptor & CFast cards etc. If ML got working on the IV then I'd simply sell my MKIII and buy some more Komputerbay CF cards and perhaps a new monitor :)
  8. Does the 14bit lossless compression work for 2k or 1080p full frame? Also what kind of card are you using?
  9. Very, very interested in the lossless 14bit RAW with 58% less file size. I can't afford a new camera right now so this is great news and invigorating!
  10. I know the 5D III footage is old news but I have tons of cool footage shot in mushy, Canon codec. Does anyone know of anyway to improve resolution or quality in any sense? Would upscaling be worth it at all, and are there any decent methods? Any helpful comments would be much appreciated!
  11. In 2016 I'm quite indifferent to Canon product launches tbh. Maybe couple of year ago I'd be really frustrated if Canon released a successor to the 5DIII that was this lackluster. But there are so many other options out there now. I don't even buy Canon lenses anymore! There is so much variety it's great
  12. Alex T


    Hi there everyone, Just doing some research about some Italian film companies/ Production houses and wanted to know if anyone has had or know of any dealings with a company called CineHollywood. It's a long shot but hey ho, maybe someone out there has heard of them. I may be doing some filming in Italy next year so any info would be useful. Many thanks!
  13. Just received my Cob. I would say it's about the same brightness as my LS1 in initial appearance. I sincerely hope the addition of the fresnel lens gives it the boost it needs. Doesn't seems as bright as my Arri 650 as I remember before I sold it (Doh!). I would add that I bought the fresnel accessory posted above by following the Amazon link also posted above and I was very disappointed with the item. Build quality was great but it didn't fit the Cob (Bowens fit) which it is advertised as being able to do.
  14. Everything!!! Any electronic goods, cosmetics, photo/video (used or new) etc. I would probably be deterred from buying something as expensive as a camera body, though tempting.. Used items can save you as well (Check out fredmiranda) but make sure you have enough time to test and return anything before travelling back home. Items like batteries, CF cards, $3-400 items such as a JuicedLink or the odd lightpanel and so on will save you money. If I were to do it I'd take the items out of the original box, collapse it (make sure you keep any paper work) and bubble wrap it or take it in your carry-on luggage.
  15. Noooooooo . Can't believe this! I just sold an Arri 650 to fund a 120t. Haha, well at least I haven't bought one yet.. Maybe Ted can chime in with this?
  16. As a Zeiss ZF lens owner this seems quite interesting: http://petapixel.com/2016/02/11/techart-unveils-worlds-first-autofocus-adapter-manual-focus-lenses/ What do people think?
  17. I recently sold my Edelkrone shoulder rig and bought a Redrock Micro Scout HX. The rig will be with me in the next few week but as always just after departing with a large amount of money, doubt enters my mind. That little voice that starts to question whether the right choice was made. I'm buying a cinevate handle & shoulder stock with a 'stills' 4x4 filter tray for the front to go with it. Eventually I would like to add Juice Link device and maybe the 'Misfit' from Bright Tangerine. I'm a one man videographer so I always look for compact, lightweight and good quality solutions and I'm sure a fair few on here are similar to me - self shooters. What rig configurations do you have or which one are on your wishlist?
  18. This lens sound fantastic. I've got a ZF 21mm but it's 2.8 and without AF (I shoot stills as well) so this is tempting I must admit.
  19. They are a superb company. I own the Lightstorm LS & 2 Lightstorm LS 1/2 and they are well build and powerful. I run them off Sony batteries via a V-mount which gives them enough juice for a couple of hours. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
  20. Yeah was looking at some of the Chroziel (Which I can't help think of Chorizo when I see the spelling) ones earlier. I think they are pretty good and thanks for the suggestion. I'm heavily leaning toward buying one of these though:
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