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  1. To France is about £20. Let me know where you are and I can give you a proper quote. Cheers, Jules
  2. Hi all, I've sadly decided to part with my lovely Voigtlander 35mm F1.2 Nokton Aspherical lens Leica M mount. I used it as my taking lens for my anamorphic adaptor because its so sharp. (nearly perfect condition. Not 'as new', but almost - a TINY paint bash (size of a grain of salt) hence reduced price) 600 Lumix adaptor M-mount / M43 (these seem to be selling new for over £200 now! This is in great condition) 90 I'm also selling: Nikkor 20mm 3.5 - great vintage lens - lovely flares, if thats your kind of thing. They seem to be selling on eBay for close to 400
  3. Please have a look at the music promo I made using a kowa 8-Z anamorphic adaptor, mounted on a voigtlander Nokton 35mm F1.2, using a Lumix GH3. I also had a Tokina .4 achromat and a Cokin Diopter +2 for the Close ups. It was all shot at night which presented problems as the Lumix isn't very good in low light. I was shooting at 50fps which reduced the amount of light I had even further. I also found that if the lens was fully open it was difficult to get a focus. Not because it was too shallow, but because it wouldn't focus on anything! As you can see I over-cranked the ISO on occas
  4. Hi all, I am confused about the 50mbps / 72mbps date rate that the GH3 supposedly records at. My footage, recorded as H264 MOV files in either of these high bit rates, is listed in FCP as between 5.8mbps and 8.5mbps. Analysing the footage with cinema tools reveals the same data rate - not the 50 / 72 it should be. If I convert the files to ProRes I get the higher data rates - around 30 - 60mbps. Although this is closer, and sometimes in excess of the data rate I want, am I not merely up-resing the footage? The new date rate might be higher, but if it is not what the camera recorded, the inf
  5. Hi Andy, I'm in the process of researching anamporphics with the aim of buying one when I've worked out what I need. I like the look of both your lenses, but have no idea which would suit me better. You call the Schneider, 'the king of lenses', yet it is cheaper than the Bausch and Lomb. Why is that? Many thanks, Jules
  6. Hi anamorphic lens buffs,   I've just purchased a GH3 and want to get involved in the wonderful world of anamorphic lenses... but after extensive reading and looking on ebay, I'm confused. Apologies if some of my questions are idiotic.   It seems the consensus is that iscorama is the best - but with none currently on ebay I can't find how much one should be. How much should a 36 go for, or a 54, and where might I source one?   What are the Isco Optic Ultra / blue star? Are these related to the iscorama? Some on ebay are labelled Isco Iscorama - is it the same company?
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