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  1. So I shot my first footage on my first interchangable camera - the Pana 3. I'm happy with the first impression but also unhappy with some effects and have to find out what caused that. All my material was handheld for future shots I will also use a tripod. First GH3 tests shots | Winter Marocco - On some of the shots - asphalt or landscapes with lines I see a smur going on. Is this the aliasing and moire? Is this due to handhold or due to the settings? My settings All-I 24p, no color grading, contrast 0, sharpness 0, saturation 0, noise reduction 0 - What are the ideal settings for the GH3 and why? - And how do I bring back the contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise reduction in post? Do I add sharpness and contrast by editing exposure, lowering the middle and higher the highlights? And saturation by turning up the saturation in general, the higlights, midtones or shadows? What about the noise - do you wanna have that back? Thanxs so much for helping this newcomer! https://vimeo.com/57284392
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