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  1. DJI Mavic Pro 2 D-LOG Cinematic Color Grade (4K). Grade based on my own LUT with some contrast and highlight mods. Overall, pretty impressed with the image quality. Holds up well to heavy color grading. Kudos to filmmaker @Emmanuel Pampuri for capturing these cinematic shots.
  2. Shot on a Canon EOS M (Mk1) with my BOZ FLAT_V1 Picture Profile for Canon DSLR Cameras. Download HERE: https://bulentozdemirfilms.wordpress.com/downloads/boz-flat_v1-canon-picture-style/ Starring: Selen Adem *** Strong Language ***
  3. Recently created a new (one-off) LUT for the Panasonic GH2 because like me, I know there are people out there who still use (or would love to get back into using) this soon to be forgotten gem of a camera for video. Though it's not free, it's still cheaper than a Golden Arches Meal and worth checking out the page even if it's just out of curiosity. Thank you. Download Page: https://bulentozdemirfilms.wordpress.com/downloads/bozgh2pana-gt-film-lut/
  4. Right in this tutorial I show how easy it is to do tracking in Davinci Resolve. Very handy if you want to add some exposure to a moving object or actor’s face! Thanks for watching! R
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum, after a while of reading I decided to put my first post. I have always worked with the Canon 60D, and premiere pro CS6/CC. Now I bought Panasonic GH4 and i'm a little lost with the workflow. My PC: i7 3930k Asus P9x79 WS GTX 670 2GB 32GB RAM 1600 Storage: C: 256GB Samsung 840 PRO (Os / App) D: 2x Caviar Black 1TB RAID 0 (Media / Projects) E: Caviar Black 1TB (Export ) F: 256GB Samsung 840 PRO (Media Cache) G:Caviar Green 1TB (D: Backups) H Caviar Green 500GB (Music, movies, etc.) Dell U3014 I tried to work with 24p Cinema 4k. Goes well, but applying any effect, it is very slow. When I export to h.264 4k 24p, takes a long time, the CPU goes only to 27% and the RAM to 11GB ... I do not know why not use more. Here are my questions: 1. Which would be the best workflow for working with 4K files? Proress, DNxHD ...? Proxies? The final product will almost always exported at 1080p, only in some cases to 4k for now. So if there are two workflows would seem interesting to me also. 2. After the editing, workflow to move to color grading in Resolve? 3. Better combination for external backups? Any other advice will be of great help. Excuse my English. Thanks
  6. This music video was shot with a Sony Fs700 and Samyang lenses.Check the shots at night, they were all made at 50 fps, without help of any speedbooster, just the combination of the Samyang lenses and the right exposure.We had no help of any kind of light equipment, because we didn't have the budget... just the street lights. For those who are thinking to buy this camera, I can just say that the Sony Fs700 is really a good deal for what it can deliver. See for yourself. And the grain... was put on purpose on post-production to have that dirty effect.
  7. I just got back from a five-day trip to Bangkok: it's hot as hell this time of year! I thought I'd pick up a cheap drive while I was there, so I went to the Fortune IT Mall (it's supposed to be more relaxed than the notorious Pantip Plaza). The mall has four floors devoted to everything in electronic goods, including cameras, computers and peripherals. Although I'd been planning to pick up a WD My Passport Pro 4TB drive (after watching Blunty's effusive video), I since learned that the Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB has faster performance at a price somewhere between 35-40% cheaper. It turns out that the drive is actually more expensive in Thailand than in the States, but it's still a great value. I am currently copying the contents of one of my Buffalo Mini Station Extreme drives: the Seagate is around the same size, only thicker and quite a bit heavier. It also gets quite toasty when in action (50 degrees!) - but it is silent, and I can't feel any vibration. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for speedy, inexpensive, bus powered storage. Anyhow, I was wondering how many readers would be interested in a sticky topic about the following (pursuant to Andrew's approval) 1. Storage solutions Now that you're shooting 4K, you probably realize you'll need faster and larger drives. While I was at the mall in Bangkok, I discovered that storage can be sexy! I also learned that RAID isn't just for professionals (sorry, I'm a novice). One drive I'm especially interested in, which hasn't been released yet, is LaCie's Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 - it can achieve read speeds of over 1375MB/s, so when hooked up to my rMBP, it would be twice as fast as the internal drive. Of course, it will cost half as much as the laptop! 2. Color grading So many readers talk about a cinematic look and how to achieve it. This sticky could be where readers post their grading breakdowns or ask for advice, talk about LUTs, etc. Reader ruanlotter contributed an excellent basic >tutorial that could be the start of more tutorials as well. 3. 4K News I just learned that South Korea has supposedly created the first dedicated 4K channel, called UMAX. Would a sticky with discussion about 4K news and events, along with analysis interest readers?
  8. So I shot my first footage on my first interchangable camera - the Pana 3. I'm happy with the first impression but also unhappy with some effects and have to find out what caused that. All my material was handheld for future shots I will also use a tripod. First GH3 tests shots | Winter Marocco - On some of the shots - asphalt or landscapes with lines I see a smur going on. Is this the aliasing and moire? Is this due to handhold or due to the settings? My settings All-I 24p, no color grading, contrast 0, sharpness 0, saturation 0, noise reduction 0 - What are the ideal settings for the GH3 and why? - And how do I bring back the contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise reduction in post? Do I add sharpness and contrast by editing exposure, lowering the middle and higher the highlights? And saturation by turning up the saturation in general, the higlights, midtones or shadows? What about the noise - do you wanna have that back? Thanxs so much for helping this newcomer! https://vimeo.com/57284392
  9. https://vimeo.com/71812380     We are very thankfull for John Brawley's first ProRes Files of the Black Magic Pocket Camera. We have decided to use Final Cut X for grading because we want to know how to get some useful pictures in a short time without using a color grading software like DaVinci. Lenses used: SLR Magic 35mm F1,4 Olympus 14-35mm F2,0 Olympus 7-14mm more info mindcutfilms.com/blog  
  10. Hey Everybody, I have uploaded a new video tutorial on: How to Color Correct / Color Grade an entire sequence using Final Cut Pro 7 and Apple's Color. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YZR8hIhSEA Many tutorials online cover the basics on how to color grade one clip at a time but this workflow will make it easier for you to do a grade on a complete edit. Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you want to see more of these videos. Regards, Ruan Lotter Twitter: @ruanlotter Youtube: www.youtube.com/tunnelviziontv Facebook: www.facebook.com/tunnelviziontv
  11. Hey all DIY Filmmakers I have uploaded a new video tutorial on Color Grading / Styling using Magic Bullet's Colorista II. A real simple way of adding some awesome color styles to your film / music video etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea35Wxvogqo Hope you all enjoy!! Cheerz! Ruan twitter: @ruanlotter youtube: www.youtube.com/tunnelviziontv
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