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  1. ​Thanks in the name of the team that work hard to make this video.
  2. Hi Nick, We use the S-log2 setting and recorded internally in 1080p. We used samyang lenses, a slider and a steadicam. We also worked mostly with natural light. All post production was made in After Effects and the Color Grading DaVinci Resolve.
  3. Sony A7s... a small camera nonetheless a great potential!    
  4. This music video was shot with a Sony Fs700 and Samyang lenses.Check the shots at night, they were all made at 50 fps, without help of any speedbooster, just the combination of the Samyang lenses and the right exposure.We had no help of any kind of light equipment, because we didn't have the budget... just the street lights. For those who are thinking to buy this camera, I can just say that the Sony Fs700 is really a good deal for what it can deliver. See for yourself. And the grain... was put on purpose on post-production to have that dirty effect.
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