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  1. In my latest Realflow tutorial I show you how you can use Realflow as a Rayfire alternative! Break stuff! Thanks for watching! r
  2. Heya!! In my latest Realflow tutorial I show you how to attached your Realflow emitter to a moving object! Enjoy! And thanks for watching! r
  3. In this Nuke tutorial I show you how to link tracking data to things like rotoscoping! Thanks for watching, Ruan www.youtube.com/tunnelviziontv
  4. It’s really quite easy to remove markers or tattoos from skin. Have a look at my latest tutorial where I explain how to do this. Thanks for watching! Ruan TunnelvizionTV
  5. In this Nuke Tutorial I explain how to do Camera Projection and how to use this amazing technique to create a clean plate or to remove unwanted things from your shots.
  6. Want to get started with The Foundry’s Nuke? Want to take your VFX to the next level? In my first Nuke tutorial I show you how to create a muzzle flash effect very easily. The Foundry released a FREE non-commercial version of Nuke that you can download here: http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/non-commercial/ Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe if you want to get notified of new VFX tutorials every week! Cheerz, Ruan
  7. Have you ever wanted to do your own Visual Effects or maybe dream about working for a major VFX Studio in Hollywood? Well now you can learn all the basic skills to get you started! This course will give you the all building blocks that will allow you to start using Adobe After Effects, 3dsmax and also PFTrack to create your own amazing Visual Effects - Hollywood Style. You will also get to use the amazing V-Ray Renderer for 3dsmax which is used widely in the VFX industry as well as in the Gaming world! Click to enroll: https://www.udemy.com/introtovfx What you will learn: Autodesk 3dsmaxCreating GeometrySubdivision ModelingAnimation and KeyframesTexuring and the Material EditorThe Activeshade RendererThe V-ray RendererMassFX Physics EngineLighting and ShadowsThe Graph EditorImporting 3D ModelsHow to use Tracking Data from PFTrackRenderingAdobe After EffectsAfter Effects BasicsWorking with LayersApplying Effects to LayersMasks & RotoscopingCompositingAnimation and KeyframesColor GradingChroma KeyingTracking (2D and 3D)and much more!!PFTrackUser Track and Auto Track nodesSolving the CameraOrienting The SceneUsing Test ObjectsExporting Tracking Data to 3dsmaxand of-course much much more!After each chapter you will do a very exciting mini project with me, to ensure that you understand everything that was covered in that specific chapter before we move on to the next chapter. I will provide you with sample footage / graphics / 3d models and more, that we will use during this course. The total running time of this course is 4 Hours and 33 Minutes!!! Get ready to begin your career in VFX right NOW! All this for only $49 - Click to enroll: https://www.udemy.com/introtovfx
  8. In this tutorial I show you how to create the Captain America Opening Title using After Effects - no 3rd party plugins required. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riycGZe1zEI Thanks for watching! Regards, Ruan
  9. Not many people know about this awesome feature - Track your masks in AE CC! Thanks for watching! Ruan www.tunnelviziontv.net
  10. In this tutorial I show you how to create a 3D grid in After Effects without using any 3rd party plugins. Thanks for watching! Ruan www.tunnelviziontv.net
  11. New Tutorial for all you VFX peeps! How to render a ZDepth pass using the VRay renderer in 3dsmax. And how to use this ZDepth pass in After Effects to adjust your depth of field. Thanks for watching! For more VFX tutorials visit: www.tunnelviziontv.net Ruan
  12. Heya all, I could not find any good object tracking tutorials for PFTrack online, so I decided to do one myself! Hope you find it useful! Thanks for watching! Ruan Lotter www.tunnelviziontv.net
  13. Heya! New quick tutorial - how to sync your audio quickly and easily in Premiere Pro! Thank you for watching! Ruan www.twitter.com/ruanlotter www.facebook.com/tunnelviziontv www.tunnelviziontv.net
  14. It’s really easy to use Logic X to create score for your videos! I have made a very basic tutorial showing how you can do this easily. …and, if you want to - click the subscribe button :) Thanks for watching! Ruan
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