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  1. Hi community, I have these specs machine working with fcpx (Mac mini with EGPU) How can I compare my machine with new Mac mini m1? Do you think I´so far away with my 8gb EGPU? BEST
  2. Several years ago I discover EOSHD and bought GH2,My first camera photo/video, and Moller 32 anamorphic 2x. Since then EOSHD is the main info about independent low budget source. I really enjoy info about cinema, cameras and editor's personal point of view . I respect that. Second camera pocket, where is my main videos made. With GH5 , I return to Panasonic, but now working only with P4K. Long life to EOSHD! BEST!
  3. Hi community Can anyone help me about speedbooster xl to Nikon ? On p4k we can use the m4/3 version and of course the special made exclusive for p4k . Is there so much difference between both on the camera ? Best
  4. Dear Community, Any tips before filming , about matching in post GH5 log with BMP4k film ? Normally I grade in FCPX and use film convert as lut. BEST!
  5. I bought GH5 in 2017 in e-infinity . I was filming in Berlin and they send me to address in these city. Nothing to complain ( i take the risk and maybe got lucky) . It arrived in 5-7 working days. Best
  6. Hi Community, Can somebody help me about compatibility c mount 16mm lenses with old sacred pocket ? Looking fast and wide as posible... Don't have trouble with vignettes like old cinema... BEST!
  7. Hi Brian, I have these: Password optivision Panasonic ... no CC... Best
  8. SOLD thanks for watching and writing BEST
  9. A beauty... This lens is awesome, VERY sharp and gives a very pleasing purple/blue flare. Great condition Focus under 3 feet , because got a professional modification. Includes rear and front clamp redstan and caps. 650 us
  10. To be honest i don't know that. What I know is that flares are purple when shooting. Don't know if that could be related with coating. BEst
  11. In perfect condition. 450 us Includes rear and front clamp redstan and caps. Below videos I shot with moller:
  12. Hi Community, If someone know about these online class... https://www.masterclass.com/special-offer?bogo_messaging=variation&forced=true&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=BB&utm_term=Aq-Remarketing&utm_content=BOGO_BB_112618_REM_CM_E_NOCLOCK&utm_campaign=MC They got a special offer . You buy one year free access and they give you one for free. My idea is to buy with someone, so course will be 90 us instead 180. Half price. They got a lot of course about filming (screenwriter, directing, etc) (herzog, scorsese,etc) Please take
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I like 10bits because it s posible to manipulate in post. Delivery is 8 bit but 10 bit for post is really good. Many times I have to shoot in hard conditions of light or mixings source and 10 bit helps a lot.
  14. I really wish you get one pocket4k to do your own test to share with eoshd... keep going! Best!
  15. Baby and me will be traveling between 16 February to 14 march in Japan. So anybody interested over there just contact me . Best
  16. Hi community, Can anybody give some advice about camera store in Tokyo? Of course looking Japan brands Panasonic, Sony and Nikon(analog) (all lenses) BEST!
  17. Baby is now in Chile if anybody want to ask... best
  18. https://www.e-infin.com/ww/item/3282/panasonic_lumix_dc-gh5_mirrorless_digital_camera_(body_only)
  19. I'm speechless... my last gh was gh2... since than never seduce me the new models... instead bought and renew with g6-g7-gx7-gx8 as second camera and for photo, because appears Pocket ... love pocket's image... but now I'm back ... thanks Andrew for GH5 article! Pretty impress Gh5 and we don't have 2.0 yet...uff amazing...BEST!
  20. I 'll be in Berlin shooting until 18 September, then I will go to Koln . I will go back to Chile on 25 from BERLIN. So anybody want to buy these beauty piece of glass here in Berlin let me know... 1.000.- euros with adapters and caps included franciscoriosanderson@gmail.com www.franciscoriosanderson.com +56982289804 At least I check my mails and iPhone twice a day (for sure at night) best. GRUSSE
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