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S5 vs A7S III - High ISO

Andrew Reid

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6 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

I am going to do a comparison soon.

Any other suggestions for tests welcome.



A7SIII in SLOG3 is clean up to 3200, then cleans up again at 12,800. There’s something dual going on. 

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Crazy the high ISO performance the latest cameras have. 

I actually like the R5 noise. It’s very subtle and seems to lack that digital color noise. Much more film like but only in 4K HQ. The RAW is noisy of course but cleans up really well with noise reduction from Neat Video (can’t wait to see what they can do with neural engine in M1).

Of course it’s no A7SIII but I don’t need that kind of performance.

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Same sensor as in A7S III:

"the FX6 has a native ISO of 800 (S-Log3) and what Sony are referring to as a High Sensitivity mode of 12,800 ISO.

Sony was quick to point out that even though this High Sensitivity mode works in a similar way to a dual native ISO, they are not calling it a dual native ISO. I asked Sony if the dynamic range is reduced when you are using this High Sensitivity mode and I was told that they feel that is is fairly comparable to the normal base ISO of 800."


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